Friday, August 30, 2013

An introduction...

On Tuesday we displayed a bump so today we thought we would showcase an adorable way to reveal what was hiding in a bump! :) And didn't they do this so nicely?

Who: Sharon, Mark, baby Grant and Chloe the beagle

Location: Our Home

Props: Basket was purchased many years ago; stuffed puppy is Jelly Cat; baby blanket was custom made by Haley Davis.

Clothes: I have no idea what we were wearing - I was still in new baby haze. And sweet Grant was in his birthday suit! :)

Comments: Throughout our pregnancy we used a "chalk board" theme for fun updates and announcements. Starting with our pregnancy announcement, where our sweet dog Chloe presented a chalkboard sign stating, "I'm going to be a big sister" followed by weekly chalkboard signs to show my growing belly that also compared the baby's size to fruit or described my cravings that week. When we announced baby's gender we used chalk paint on a cardboard box (boy or girl) and gave a friend our sealed results to fill the box with the correct colored baloons, which we released in a park to discover we were having a boy! Therefore, when our photographer showed us a birth announcement/Christmas card with a chalk board theme, we knew it was the one! We also like that the template was front and back and allowed for multiple photos to be displayed.

Designer: Bird Design (recommended by our photographer)

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: We treasure these photos and love that our dog was included. She's been part of our family for ten years and will always be our "first baby". 


Katy's Thoughts: Love the use of a consistent theme throughout - even if the parents are the only one who really know. The colors are simple so the focus stays on this sweet family and precious baby! And that bottom left picture of Baby Grant - to die for! :)

Cindy's Thoughts: In our very first post we discussed our love for receiving mail.  The number one reason mail is fun is because it is ALMOST always GREAT news!  Have you ever received an invitation to a funeral, no!  You have received invites to parties and weddings! And I don't know if there is anything more wonderful than the announcement of a BABY in the mail!  A Christmas card and a baby announcement...well this Merry Momma is in heaven!  I love this card because it is clean and crisp yet is also a chalk board style (sometimes the chalk board style can look messy to me!).  And I love this card because that baby is just precious, my favorite picture is the one of Grant with the stuff animal - so sweet! 

How can you recreate this card?: There are tons of birth announcement/Christmas card combos. To make this your own, just think about what is important to you. Do you want a double sided card? How many photos do you want to include? Do you have siblings, pets, other relatives that would add to your design? Mom also kept the design simple so the focus is on the family and most importantly their special package! :)

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Have a great weekend!! Be sure to check in on Monday because we have BIG stuff coming up next week...

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  1. I love this! We used our Christmas card to announce Olivia's birth as well!!!


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