Friday, August 9, 2013

Wonderful Wyatt

Hi friends!  After all the fun of WWLW and TBT, we are back to posting darling cards!  Today's card features a super cute family...though we may be a tad biased, Jessica was Merry Momma Katy's college roommate and is Merry Momma Cindy's sis-in-law. All these connections aside, we know you will think the card is WONDERFUL too!

WhoZeke (Dad) Jessica (Mom) Wyatt (Favorite Son)

Location:  Beaumont, Texas – Random barn that was damaged during Hurricane Ike

Props:  No props

Clothes:  Gap, Target, Etsy, Old Navy and Baskin’s (you can tell we are country)

Comments:  Our photos served a dual purpose; they were Wyatt’s three month photos and to be used as our Christmas card. We chose the red and white color scheme because of the dual purpose. It was our first Christmas as a family of three so it is a little extra special.

DesignerTiny Prints

PhotographerLacy Hampton 

Favorite Thing:  My favorite thing about the card is that is captures the many personalities of our precious Wyatt and family.

BlogStill working on that………


Katy's Thoughts: Lots of boy moms seem to be discouraged by the lack of props/cute clothes for the little fellas and Jessica just proved that there are TONS of cute things for our little men!

Cindy's Thoughts: Well, the cute little boy that just happens to be my nephew makes this card pretty stinking adorable.  Additionally, I love the use of more than one picture and the darling hat and suspenders!

How could you recreate this card?  The great thing about this card is that it really does focus on the family.  There are great backgrounds (fence, barn, grass), but nothing you couldn't find if you drive around your hometown.  The key to recreating this card is to have great photographs of your subjects and find a fun card on Tiny Prints, Zazzle, Minted, etc. and match your clothing to your card choice.

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What's your favorite thing about this card?  Leave your comments below!

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