Thursday, August 8, 2013

TBT - The Brown Girls

Hi friends!  It's Thursday and you know what that means...
Throw Back Thursday
And we have a doosey one for you!


Who: Cindy and her sister Melinda

When: Christmas 1977

Katy's Thoughts: I kind of adore how happy Melinda is versus the look on Cindy's face! Ha! 

Cindy's Thoughts:  I look happy, don't I!?!? Ha!  I am going to assume that the sad face is because Melinda was taking up too much room in the chair and I did not like being squeezed. ;) can I not love this picture.  It is my FIRST CHRISTMAS!  Additionally, I have on a frilly dress, a bow (though not near as big as I may have put on my daughters), lacy socks and stylin' shoes!  While I wasn't a smiling 5 month old, I am now a smiling adult.  Thanks Mom and Dad for having a Christmas picture made!  Glad we have the memories!

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