Thursday, August 15, 2013

TBT - The Guercios

 is back, and this time the whole family is in on the fun!

(Shout out to Pops (Daddy G) for snapping this pic on his phone and sending it our way)

Who: The Guercios - (from left) Greg, Jody, Katy, Jeremy and JoAnne

When: Christmas 1986/1987?

Katy's Thoughts: First, let's talk about the reflection of the smoke detector in the background. Sorry about that - but we couldn't find the card version. :) I think what I love most about this picture is that I am clearly the center of attention in my fancy red dress. And why shouldn't I be? The baby and the only girl = automatic princess status. (Kidding. Not kidding.) My top three favorite things about this picture (mom sent these out in real, hand written cards one year!) - 1. The matching jackets that Ryan and I now own - Christmas 2015? 2. My moms perm! Seriously - bring back the perm!! 3. That I can see my kids' faces in those of me and my brothers. Aren't genetics fun?

Cindy's Thoughts: Y'all.  I am dying!  I LOVE THIS!  I love that it screams "the eighties".  I love that Katy is the center of attention (she kind of demands it!) ;) and that's why I love her!  I love that I know all five of these wonderful people now and they are family to me!  And, I too, LOVE JoAnne's perm. I really am going to get one!  Promise.  For reals.  I'll post a pic when I do!

Get PINspired: If you are dying to try out a picture like this for your cards then you are in luck...
  1. Matching everything? With a perm... then THIS is for you!
  2.  Looking for an adorable blazer? Then check out this. And THIS (Merry Momma K may need this)
  3. Family of boys and one girl? Then click here. And then click HERE for the best picture ever. Seriously!

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