Monday, August 19, 2013

A getting MARRIED Christmas

This sweet couple just got married THREE weeks ago! Check out their fun way of telling the world just how "MARRY" they are!

WhoTravis and Donna

Location:  Pilot Point, TX- my great-grandparents' farm

Props:  We didn't use any real props, but the setting of the picture is dear to our hearts. 

Clothes:  Donna- shirt Banana Republic; Travis- shirt Ralph Lauren

Comments:  Christmas was 8 months before my wedding- a perfect time to send a Save the Date.  I emphasized the word “married” as much as I did because I wanted to make sure that the recipient would immediately notice it was a Save the Date and not just put it in the pile of all the other Christmas cards.  

Designer: ME!! 

Photographer: A coworker of mine does photography as a hobby, so she took some pictures for us. 

Favorite Thing:  I like that it looks like a Save the Date card but also looks like a Christmas card without sacrificing portions of either.  It completely accomplished both tasks.  


Katy's Thoughts: I kind of love the play on words. Cute simple and easy to accomplish with other Christmas themes as well!

Cindy's Thoughts:  Well, Donna is a of course I love the card! :)  I think my favorite thing is the look of happiness on both of their faces!


How can you recreate this card? I think the key to this card is just to keep it simple. Old/vintage/rustic buildings make great backdrops for pictures. They add lots of fun texture and depth without taking the focus away from the people in the pic. And the holidays are a great time to share news with family and friends - love the double purpose of this card!

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Really, what is more merry than getting MARRIED?!? Tell us your favorite thing about this card!

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