Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What We Love Wednesday: Aggie Football

It is T-minus three days until the kickoff of Aggie Football season which means Aggieland is all abuzz with football - including the Merry Mommas! So Howdy - Gig'Em - Whoop and welcome to What We Love Wednesday...

What:  Aggie Football


1.  Johnny Football - Love him, hate him.  Either way...he's fun!
 (We totally got all these images off Google!  Thanks, Google!) 

2.  SEC - We enjoyed the Southwest Conference...the in state rivalries were fun and the Cotton Bowl is a good bowl game.  We were okay with the Big 12...I mean we won the conference in 1998 while the Merry Mommas were in college.  BUT, we all know the SEC is where it is at!  Period. No arguing.  No fussing.  No "buts".  SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC!

3.  Traditions - If you want a college with traditions...well, Texas A&M University is your school!

4.  Tailgating - Who doesn't love hanging out with family and friends while eating the best food in the world!!

5.  Football - The game is actually fun to watch!  And we win quite often!

6.  Community - All the stuff above is fun and great...but why do we Merry Mommas really love Aggie Football.  Well, it is the reason we LOVE Texas A&M.  Being an Aggie means more than just going to college and rooting for a team in a certain color.  It means you believe in something bigger than yourself.  It means that you lend a helping hand.  It means you do what it takes to be the best (not win, be the best).  It means that you are held to a higher standard.  It means that you stand by your team in the good times and the bad. It means there is a network of people out there to help you.  It means...well, it means you are part of a community...and isn't that what makes life fun!

Gig 'em!

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