Friday, August 23, 2013

From the family

Family version

Friend Version

Who: The Fulgham Family (Julie, Keith and Paige)

Location:  Lexington, Texas (Julie's Dad’s back 40)

Props:  None, the bench in the ‘family’ picture was pulled from my dad’s living room. Paige actually picked the cowboy hat at the last minute and decided she must wear it... I think she rocked it!

Clothes:  Paige’s outfit was from Next Direct, my sweater is from Michael Kors and tank from Old Navy and Keith’s shirt is from Dillard’s.

Comments:  Since the entire family (minus our littlest sister – teenagers always have better things to do than family time!) was meeting for the picture, we choose a location that was central to all of us – which is our Dad’s house.  Therefore, we selected warm, rich colors that would work well in the woods (in the fall).  We coordinated everything off the girl’s shirts and everyone picked their own outfits.  It blended well together!

Designer: Four Leaf Prints (design)  Vista Print (prints)
Photographer: Alex and Tamara Garza of Garza Photo and Design 

Favorite Thing:  I love my sisters and so my favorite thing is the family version! I just wish our little sister had made the picture – that is my least favorite thing, her missing the photo session. I choose to print ½ of the cards with the family back and ½ with just Paige since obviously I have a lot of friends that do not know my sisters, but my list is not an exact ½ and ½ split between my friends or our family and mutual friends so sending them was a mess and I ended up just throwing my hands up in the air and started addressing! A small review of my list prior to printing would have eliminated the unbalance. 


Katy's Thoughts:  I love the idea of having 2 versions of a card. (We did this last year, too.)  I think it makes it more personal for the sender and the receiver...BUT it makes it slightly more difficult.  The lighting in these shots is just gorgeous, warm and inviting - just like the holidays!

Cindy's Thoughts:  I can't get over the lighting and the how all the colors blended so nicely.  A WARM, WARM, WARM card and I love it!


How can you recreate this card? Our favorite thing about this card it the lighting. Seriously - GET OUTDOORS for your pictures if you can. Cameras were made for natural lighting (says the amateur momtopgraphers with fancy cameras). The right light can make the perfect picture. These outfits are warm and neutral - pops of color here and there but not so overwhelming that it takes away from anything. And this card is about family, so be different and get the whole gang involved!!!

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