Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh My Merry Myers...

Before we introduce today's card, we (the Merry Mommas) want to say THANK YOU! We have gotten such a fantastic response from everyone! Friends, family and even a few "strangers" (big WELCOME to you!!) This is turning out to be even more fun than we anticipated and we hope that you stick around, leave us your comments, send us emails, follow the blog, submit your cards, like us on Facebook and even wander over to Pinterest to see what is inspiring us! 

Most of all - keep spreading the Merry! 

Today's family is sweet friends of both of ours. Emily (the Mom) has an amazing eye for interior design which carries over to an impeccable style for her and her girls (and maybe even Geoff). :) We know that you will love her card as much as we do!

Who: Geoff, Emily, Molly (8) and Ally (6)

Location: Historic home in Bryan, Texas

Props: None

Girls - Target
Emily - borrowed from sis-in-law (which is the best kind of shopping...FREE!)
Geoff - Patagonia

Comments: I wanted something totally different from the year before so we went with bold and bright and LOVE it!

Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Company

Photographer: Karen Winn at My Sandbox Photos

Favorite Thing: All the comments we received about how this was the happiest card in the mail!


Katy's Thoughts: Love that all those fun colors work seamlessly together! 

Cindy's Thoughts: This card screams HAPPY and I love that!  The bright, bold, fun colors will definitely make your mailbox MERRY!


How could you recreate this card? The key to recreating this card is to LOVE color. Don't they pull it off so well? Everything blends so nicely - that's the key. Don't do too many patterns, but don't be afraid to play around. My favorite trick is to lay out all of our clothes - including shoes - and group them as if in a picture (otherwise referred to as 'ghost photography" by my dear husband) - then snap some pics with my phone for a better visual of how it looks together. 

Getting PINspired: If you are thinking of recreating this, check out these pins: 
  1. This is awesome. Drive around town and see if you find any fun walls, loading docks, or buildings as a background. Makes a great statement!
  2. It doesn't hurt that this family is also doesn't hurt that these clothes are amazing together. Fun and cheerful and I never would have paired the navy and purple.
  3. I'm not sure if my family is cool enough to pull this look off, but I am sure yours is!!! :)

What's your favorite thing about this card? Leave your comments below!

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