Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: Shopping Our Closet

It's crunch time.

You have pictures this weekend. And you just CAN NOT find a thing to wear! Sound the alarms. Christmas is ruined. You'll never be able to mail cards again. I mean, this is the worst thing that could happen ever. But before we go all Brintey circa 2007... did you try shopping your closet?

We didn't think so.

You will be so surprised at what you can find in there. Better yet - you probably have a few pieces that you wear over and over and over again that will work. AND if you wear them over and over again, it probably means you feel comfortable wearing it which is of the utmost importance when taking pics - you want to FEEL good.

Example 1: You have probably seen this pic on Pinterest over 5000 times (that's roughly the number of times it has been pinned. Crazy.) Cindy didn't spend tons of time on clothes, she picked darling pieces for her two bigs (that are tiny little BABIES in this picture) and shopped the closet for Josh and herself.

Example 2: Sometimes it's fun to shop your friends' closets, too! Cindy borrowed the blouse for a friend, and mixed and matched pieces she owned for the kiddos only buying some of the accessory pieces like those boot socks for Anna (!!!) and the puffer vest and leggings for Caro. 

Example 3: Ryan has had that jacket forever it seems, and I purchased that tunic and shirt. (on clearance, y'all. It was an XS. Why would you even make an XS maternity top. You can't tell from this pic, but it was basically a crop top and I was just using it for its sleeves).

Example 4: I didn't buy one thing for this series. Well, I'm lying... I bought the onesie. Everything else was from our closets. And no, this wasn't our Christmas card pic, but it is something I still look back on and love just as much as if I would have spent tons of time on clothes. Emmy's entire outfit is a hand-me-down! 

Example 5: I borrowed this top from Cindy and I did order the girls dresses but they were $8 each.

 So, feel encouraged dear reader! You don't have to spend a ton of money to look good and more importantly to FEEL good! Tis the season of celebrating your family. Telling your story. And spreading cheer. Because that, is the point of this crazy, inconsistent, scatterbrained blog.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Momma's Guide to Memes...

Dear Readers, it is upon us. Halloween was basically months ago on the Christmas version of telling time and Thanksgiving is days away. This means that it is go time. Consider these snarky, funny, stupid memes one of our gifts to you. Save them all. Use them wisely. And let's welcome the holidays together.

In case you're still wondering what kind of card you want to send, may we suggest these... because
#funny #butawful #butsostinkingfunny

For the person that brags about how many cards they "have" to mail...

In case you don't send cards (what!?!) ... make this your profile pic. 

To send to your hipster friends that go with paperless cards this year... 

Because #funny #andonlypartiallytrue 

 Another one for those green friends.

Just remember know matter what kind of card you do or don't send, we should all take some advice from Clark...

**Disclaimer - we didn't create any of these memes. We googled them by searching "christmas memes/Christmas card memes/Christmas gifs". To whoever is the originator of such memes - you are fantastic and we applaud you. That is all**

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

BAM - It's Christmas Season

Hi friends!

So this happened this weekend

And while we do CLEARLY love Christmas,
we aren't immune to the stress and busy that the holiday season can bring.

And sometimes, Christmas Cards can be an added stress.

Whew, there we said it.

But, they don't have to be.
And we hope that our blog shares tips and tricks to make your card a fun, great experience.

To keep you encouraged this season we polled a great group of people (our friends) and asked
 We hope their answers inspire you to press on and SPREAD the MERRY!


Seeing a beautiful photo of friends and how they've changed in the year.  

Seeing the pictures and reading a letter if there is one

I enjoy and love the pictures (how much the kiddos have grown) and the creative themes. Also I have fun reading the letters or even a short note. Look forward to them each year! 

Pictures ... Or money!

Reading the notes that come with the cards.

Seeing the sweet faces looking back at you! Love seeing how families have changed from the past year in their photo. I keep all the cards from the previous years! 

#1 Seeing who it is from...#2 Seeing the graphic/photo...#3 reading the greeting/message...

Seeing the cute family photo

Feeling like you're catching up with an old friend!

Knowing that the person who sent it to us was thinking about us

Love seeing how the kids have grown and reading about all our friends and family and how creative they were with their Christmas card!

1.  cute pictures -- and being reminded of friends and family that I don't get to see very often
2.  colors -- so bright and cheery!  :)
3.  not finding glitter -- I'm not a big glitter person so cards sans glitter are the best
(friend, we hear ya...have you seen this?)

Seeing how much a family has changed from one year to the next.  

Love seeing who they are from!!

The love!
(This response was from a 6 year old, I think she has it figured out!)

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