Monday, November 9, 2015

The Momma's Guide to Memes...

Dear Readers, it is upon us. Halloween was basically months ago on the Christmas version of telling time and Thanksgiving is days away. This means that it is go time. Consider these snarky, funny, stupid memes one of our gifts to you. Save them all. Use them wisely. And let's welcome the holidays together.

In case you're still wondering what kind of card you want to send, may we suggest these... because
#funny #butawful #butsostinkingfunny

For the person that brags about how many cards they "have" to mail...

In case you don't send cards (what!?!) ... make this your profile pic. 

To send to your hipster friends that go with paperless cards this year... 

Because #funny #andonlypartiallytrue 

 Another one for those green friends.

Just remember know matter what kind of card you do or don't send, we should all take some advice from Clark...

**Disclaimer - we didn't create any of these memes. We googled them by searching "christmas memes/Christmas card memes/Christmas gifs". To whoever is the originator of such memes - you are fantastic and we applaud you. That is all**

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