Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WWLW: Back To School Prep

What:  Back To School Prep


1.  The Clothes
An excuse to shop...need we say more! Seriously, though...what is more fun than buying fall clothes with the anticipation of those brisk autumn mornings.  Some of our favorite stores are Gap, Old Navy, Boden, Next Direct.

We also LOVE Persnickety and they just introduced their new line - Nob Hill.  It is to die for!  (Hint, hint to some lovely grandmothers out there! ;))

Matilda Jane is a favorite of ours as well!

And we LOVE boy clothes too!  J.Crew has adorable boy clothes!

2.  School Supplies
Y'all.  If you don't love a new set of sharpie markers...well...we can't be friends!  Fun notebooks, a pretty new calendar, colored pins, new, fresh and clean everything.  It's like CHRISTMAS for organizational freaks!

If you are looking for the perfect back to school stuff - Tiny Prints is running a sale right now!

3.  Pictures 
So, maybe we LOVE photo shoots.  And maybe, just maybe, we love styling them.  You know, it is kind of the entire premise of this blog! ;)  What is cuter than a styled Back To School photo shoot?

These cute kiddos belong to our friend the SUPER TALENTED Jenny of Bella's Bowz and Sewz!  Go check out her stuff, it's amazing!  The pictures are by Bella Jewel Photography.

To check out other darling BACK TO SCHOOL photos click here, here and here and be sure to follow our Back To School Fun board!

4.  The Actual Preparation Part
So...we Merry Mommas are INTO celebrations!  Check out our twinkie instagram pics! We both posted these within minutes of each other on Sunday evening!  The Merry Husbands are looking into buying us a house so we can just live together and make all of our lives easier!

5.  Football
We are from Texas; home of the real Friday Night Lights. We are both from tiny little towns that shut down on Friday nights.  And we are Aggies.  We love Aggie Football!  HOWDY! GIG 'EM! WHOOP! Oh, and JOHNNY FOOTBALL!

 Photo credit - CBS Sports

What do you LOVE about back to school? Favorite tradition? Let us know!!

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