Friday, August 16, 2013

Love, the Hawkins

Who: Jason, Lizett, Casey and Noah

Location:  In a parking garage in Downtown Bryan, TX

Props:  None

Clothes:   Old Navy and our closets!

Comments:  Each year I try to use simple color schemes and few props in order to focus on our family and keep the look as timeless as possible.

Designer: Nichole Quick of Quick Design Co.

Photographer: Sarah Giles Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing:  My favorite thing about our card is even though it seems quite simple it truly captures the personality of our family.


Katy's Thoughts: My favorite thing is that this was taken inside a parking garage. A PARKING GARAGE people! Isn't it so fun how a photographer sees things so differently than we do! Don't be afraid to try something unusual because you never know just how AWESOME it may be!

Cindy's Thoughts:  All you need is LOVE is right!  And this family truly looks like they love each other (and they do, we know them)!


How can you recreate this card?: Don't be afraid to try something new - because you may end up with some unexpected and FABULOUS. The key to this card is the classic nature of clothing - you can never go wrong with black. Lizette did a great job of the pop of aqua in a statement necklace and tying it all together with the card design. Simple, classic, and amazing!

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