Saturday, August 3, 2013

Merry Momma Update: Nephew Jake

Hi friends!

Occasionally, the Merry Mommas are going to deviate from the MERRY Christmas Cards and give you updates on our personal lives.  Today, I (Cindy) am honored and excited to introduce you to our nephew Jacob Robert "Jake".  Jake was born last night and as I am typing this he isn't even 24 hours old!  We went to visit the happy family today and - oh goodness - there is literally nothing as sweet and miraculous as a newborn.  Thanks Kelly & Stu for giving us another precious family member!  And to Jake - welcome!  We love you and will pray for you always!

(isn't that hair to die for!)

Josh and I with Jake.
(He's already an Aggie!  Whoop!)

The FAB Five - Munson Cousins
Jake (18 hours old), Caroline (5), Annaliese (4), 
Millicent (1), Wyatt (11 months) (our other nephew, not Jake's brother though!)

Ramy, NaNa and their FAB Five!

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