Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Darling Dudleys

This sweet couple is one of the most darling pair of newlyweds we know. Really... what is more merry than getting MARRIED!?!

Who: Ryan and Katelin Dudley

Location:  Lake Jackson, Texas

Props:  No props, just a good old fashioned limo!

Clothes:  Wedding Dress (Tara Keely), Suit (David’s Bridal)

Comments:  I knew for our Christmas card we wanted to use one of our recent wedding pictures, so I went for a simple black and white image with a template that tied it all together!

Designer: I designed the card myself on Zazzle. Super easy and fairly cheap! 

Photographer: Kathlyn Dragna of Kathryn Dragna Photography

Favorite Thing:  This was one of our favorite pictures from our wedding day. We were getting in the limousine, ending the most wonderful day of our lives, when the photographer captured this image. No props or special background, just pure love.


Katy's Thoughts: Well, this is a personal favorite of mine because this sweet couple is near and dear to my heart. I LOVE that they incorporated the most important day of this year (and really, their lives) to this card. I LOVE that he really looks at her like that all the time. And I LOVE that she loves him so. Just perfect!

Cindy's Thougths: Swoon!!!!  The couple is gorgeous.  The card is classy.  The look they are giving each other is authentic.  Perfect card!


How can you recreate this card? The great thing about this card is that you have easy access to most of these elements - car, sweet glances and fun clothes (maybe not a gorgeous wedding dress). Seriously we LOVE the idea of a couple snuggled up in a car, the bed of a truck, a carriage... But clearly the part of this card that stands out is the amazingly beautiful bride and her adoring groom!

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Tell us what your favorite part of getting "married' is!

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