Thursday, August 1, 2013

Special Delivery from the Kings


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Who: Ryan (Dad), Katy (Mom), Radley (5), Emersyn (2) and Landry (6 months)

Location: UPS Center in Bryan, Texas

Props: UPS truck, packages

Comments: We did two versions of our Christmas card this year - both with a "delivery" theme as a nod to where Ryan spends most of his time these days. Sarah once again did more than a fantastic job bringing the idea to life! We had access to the UPS center on a Sunday and even lucked out that there was a truck full of packages to add to the look of the card.  I decided to use the colors of UPS with pops of aqua to give the card a cohesive look. I like that it adds to the non-traditional feel of the card while highlighting one of the traditional parts of this season!

Designer: Sarah Giles Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography 

Photographer: Sarah Giles Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: My favorite thing was how well all the pieces fit together. From the UPS packages, the clothes, and the brown parchment envelopes in which they were mailed - I just LOVE them!!!


Katy's Thoughts: Well, I clearly love it. :)

Cindy's Thoughts: I LOVE LOVE LOVE how personal this card is.  Most of us spend LOTS of hours at work and it is part of who we are and I love that Katy and her family embraced Ryan's job and all the cargo that comes with it!  And the kiddos are darling!


How could you recreate this card? "Delivering joy" can be done by anyone - even if they aren't married to the best UPS man in town. ;) Tons of brown packages, or brightly colored presents, an old pick up truck with an adorably decorated tree in back and you would have a precious card ready to be delivered! 

Getting PINspired: If you are thinking of recreating this, check out these pins: 
  1. This would be adorable with a family
  2. Everyone needs a truck like this (or at least one to take pictures with)
  3. Now just think about how you would dress your family in a scene like this

What's your favorite thing about this card? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Kates - We are doing this! Wahoo! Love you! Card is fab, but not as FABULOUS GIRL as you are! Love you!


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