Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ready for a Merry Mailbox?

Don't you just love getting mail?! We do! More on the "we" in a bit. Mail is so stinking fun! You typically only get fun things in the mail...invitations to parties and weddings, birth announcements, thank yous, moving updates, fun magazines, awesome catalogs - you get the idea...the mailbox is a merry place!!

And that little merry place is even more MERRY in December when Christmas cards start coming... and that is how this blog was born.

Quick introduction...

We are Katy and Cindy - also known as the "merry mommas" (or as some people refer to us as... crazy, obsessed women that love nothing more than a fun prop, in a well-lit (natural of course) setting, surrounded by people we love staring into the lens of a photog).

And. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas cards. We LOVE LOVE LOVE designing and creating them and especially that time when 100s come into our little mailbox. We have searched high and low for a comprehensive place for inspiration and really couldn't find one... so welcome to Your Merry Mailbox - an online merry mailbox full of inspiration and fun.

And we make that same promise to you. To bring you inspiration, ideas, charming examples, and lots more that will make your mailbox merry all year long. But we need help from you!! Check out our submissions page and start sending us your cards!! We can't wait to share our MERRY with you!


Spread the merry and leave your comments!