Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Naughty and Nice (boy version)

This card comes from one of the classiest women we know! We are sure that you will love her card as much as we do!!  

Who: Michael, Cassie, Midget, and the Little One

Location:  Bryan, TX – at the carwash behind the Valero Gas Station at the Copperfield Entrance

Props:  None needed for those pouty faces

Clothes:  Midget – Yellow & Gray striped shirt w/khaki cargo shorts, both from The Children’s Place; Little One – Yellow Izod Polo Shirt w/Tommy Hilfiger khaki shorts (yes, I know the colors are moot point given the photo is in black & white, but now you know)

Comments:  I learned early on with the midget to not expect cute, posed shots (yes, I used to envy those moms who end up with the Pinterest Perfect photos…Y’all suck!).  The midget (and now his brother) had other plans that did not include sitting still and smiling for the camera - NO amount of bribery worked (believe me I have tried).  Although now I am so grateful that he doesn’t sit still and smile like a midget version of a “stepford” child – he’s him and makes no apology for that (wonder where he gets that from?).

Designer: Classy Cassie

Favorite Thing:  My favorite thing is that it is “real” life.  “Real” life isn’t Pinterest Perfect.  I took what some might call a “failed attempt” at family photos and turned it into a pretty dang cute Christmas Card, if I do say so myself!


Katy's Thoughts: I think Cassie says it best "real life isn't Pinterest Perfect". I have so many friends that talk about never getting that "perfect picture" - and while I LOVE a good everyone-smiling-and looking-at-the-camera shot, I also think that real images capture some of the best moments!

Cindy's Thoughts:  Funny pic, cute kids = great card!


How can you recreate this card? Don't be afraid of real life. Some unexpected moments capture perfect memories.

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