Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What We Love Wednesday: Props - Tricycles

Hi friends!  As you can see today's post isn't a card.  We thought we might try something fun on Wednesdays called "What We Love Wednesday" and highlight something we LOVE!  This week we are highlighting props, {because we do LOVE a prop} specifically a tricycle! 

What: Tricycle


Cindy -  What's NOT to love about a tricycle?!? It is the quintessential symbol of childhood.  A tricycle is a great prop because most everyone already has one (and if you don't - it's a fairly inexpensive investment that is actually useful/entertaining for the kids) and it adds fun to the photograph without being overwhelming or distracting from the main focus - the cute kiddos!  And here are my sweet, darling, and precious kiddos on a tricycle.

Katy - I think Cindy nailed it - this is a timeless piece that in a world of fast, in your face, crazy technology and sometimes not so wonderful headlines, can bring you back to a slower pace, a simpler time and capture your babies just as they should be - innocent. Our lovely Landry modeling this prop so well...

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A big thanks to Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography for such gorgeous images!!!


  1. I want to eat those little squishy thighs!!! too cute, ladies. Love Sarah's work, your subjects ain't bad either!!

  2. Oh my word! Tricycles and tutus. LOVE!


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