Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What We Love Wednesday: The Beach

What: The Beach

Why: Sun...good. Water...good. Junk food...good. Hours of cheap entertainment for kids...AMAZING!

Cindy - Y'all.  What's not to love about the beach!?!  Before we had our 3 Merry Littles, we would hit up the beach multiple times a year in multiple locations (mostly Texas & Mexico).  We would relax, sleep, read, have a frosty beverage or two and then do it all again the next day.  Occasionally, the hubby would fish, too.  And, I have a really awesome hubby that would send me to the beach with my college bestie once a year!  So...basically, the beach is heaven on earth for us!  After the littles started arriving the beach was a little different for us, BUT just as fun.  I think one of the best parts of being a parent is seeing the world through a child's eyes and the beach is just magical to children.  The sand goes on for miles, as does the water.  They get to play all day and eat junk food.  I mean, the beach is heaven on earth for kiddos too!  Each year, Mr. Merry Munson's extended family has a family reunion at the beach and every year I get excited about the family time and fun for all us "adults", but I get really excited about the memories and bonds it creates for all the grandkids.  This Merry Momma LOVES THE BEACH, even the sand part! ;)

 Who doesn't love a foot pic!?! Me and my college bestie hanging out in Mexico!!

I must really love y'all...why you ask?!  Because I just put a picture of me in a bathing suit 7 months preggers with Merry Little M on this blog.  If that isn't love I don't know what is!
Mr. Merry Munson and I spent our 10 year anniversary on the beach in beautiful Surfside, Texas.  Hey, don't judge, we went to Europe for our 5 year anniversary AND remember, I am 7 months preggers here!  Not traveling to Mexico or Europe in that condition. 

Mr. Merry Munson captured this AWESOME pic at the family reunion this past June.
Aren't the Merry Munson Littles just precious!!

Katy - The beach is really one of God's greatest miracles. Radley is pretty much obsessed with sharks right now, so we talk a lot about the wonders of the ocean, the animals and plants that live there and just how inconceivable (did anyone else just think of the Princess Bride?) the size of it all is. Everything is slower and more carefree, time isn't rushed, and you are miles away from anything that can distract you from focusing on who you are surrounded by. I have such wonderful memories from all my beach trips with my bestie and her family growing up and want to make the same awesome experiences for my kids. AND - who doesn't love a place where you can just eat ice cream and potato chips all day without question! We just got back from an impromptu beach weekend (thanks Petree family!!) and the kids loved it...

Sweet Merry Little E was unsure about the water at first, but Mr. Merry King was there to protect her 

Merry Little L set up shop pretty quick - not sure if she played with the sand or just ate it. 

Merry Little R was in HEAVEN

Get PINspired:  Unfortunately, neither Merry Family has had professional beach pictures done...YET!  But it is on the list!  We love this professional pic and this one! The colors in this picture and this one are awesome - DON'T be afraid of color on the beach!  These two pictures melt our hearts!  And you can always add a Christmas spin to your beach pics - check out our entire board to get Beach Christmas PINspired!


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