Monday, September 2, 2013

A Carnival Christmas....


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Who: Merry Momma K, Merry Husband R, and Merry Littles R, E and baby bump L (who at the time we referred as MAK)

Location: Local traveling carnival at the oh-so-merry Post Oak Mall in College Station, Tx

Props: The amazing backdrop was enough prop for us! For a few shots we did have the kids eating some popcorn, but none of those shots made the card

Katy - Old Navy Maternity Tunic (Check out their latest here); Old Navy Maternity Jeggings (If it was socially acceptable I would still wear these!)
Ryan - Combination of Ralph Lauren, Kohls, and Old Navy
Radley - Next Direct Sweater (Similar here); Children's Place Jeans, Bow Tie (Can't remember the shop but tons on Etsy); Ralph Lauren Sports Shirt
Emersyn - Next Direct Yellow Jacket - Similar in big girls here (that I purchased in June to wear for this card because I am crazy); Old Navy Skinny Jeans

Comments: At some point during the Summer of 2011 I got it in my head that our Christmas card pic HAD to be at the local carnival. Because, well, I'm crazy.  So - I called up the good 'ol information line at the Post Oak Mall and asked them when the carnival would be back in town and as the stars sometimes align, the carnival was going to be there just when we wanted to take pics! I absolutely adore how these turned out and get tons of compliments on this card still. If you are thinking of taking pics at a fair/carnival (and I highly suggest that you do) just be patient with your kiddos. LOTS and lots of distractions are out there - we paused the shoot to let Rad ride a couple of rides and those pics ended up being some of my absolute favorite! (Check out the bottom right of the card)

If you notice, Radley makes a few "costume" changes throughout. Don't be afraid to go with something different than planned - the night was warmer than we expected and he just wasn't that comfortable - so we let him change clothes and he was happy and we got some great pics from it!

Designer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: I love that my baby bump was peaking through - this was our first card as a family of FIVE!

Blog: The Queen of the Kings


Katy's Thoughts: Clearly I love it. :) Everything is just merry and bright!!! 

Cindy's Thoughts:  I love every single thing about this card.  I love the carnival scene.  I love the clothing - Emmy's jacket and Rad's bow tie.  I love that the front is one picture and the back has a collage of pics.  BUT, what I love most is the glow Katy has!  And I think it rubbed off on Ryan, Radley and Emmy!  The entire family looks "for reals" happy and well...they could be anywhere in any clothing and the card would be amazing!  Pregnancy GLOW = key to amazing pics! (I wouldn't recommend you getting preggers just to have a great Christmas card, though...babies are awesome and all, but they are a lifetime commitment! ;))


How can you recreate this card? Go to a carnival/fair, take some pics, and ENJOY! :)  Play it up with props like cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cake, colorful clothes, and big smiles! The great thing is your clothes don't have to "match" which we find is what stresses people out the most about a photo shoot. Just play with it and let your personality shine! Seriously, you won't regret it!!!

Get PINspired:
  1. We can't narrow down our favorite pins just check out our entire Carnival and Fairs board (and you may recognize some faces)!
  2. Our picks for styling your darling daughter for a carnival card: Matilda Jane, Whimsy and Style, Persnickety, and shoes from Joyfolie. We also think that this is pretty darn cute stuff, too! And don't forget about her head! Favorite shops include ChicPretties, Cozette CoutureBella Bowz and Sewz, and LoveCrushBowtique (seriously, check out their headdresses - Merry Momma K may be ordering one for this year's card!).
  3.  To make your little man look delightful, try some bowties, adorable hats like this, this  (can't beat that price!!!) and this; and you can't forget his feet! We love Next Direct for shoes and a good 'ol fashioned pair of Chucks is always a win!

What other ideas do you have! Feel free to share in comments.


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