Monday, September 16, 2013

Whimsy & Bright

Today we bring you a beautiful card from the Chambers' family!

Who: Chad, Kelly, Cooper (3) and Hadley (7 months)

Location: Hensel Park, Bryan, Texas

Props: Coordinating glitter Christmas ornaments and baby crib

Clothes: Gap, Dillards, Express, Old Navy, Children’s Place, The Trendy Baby, Gracious May

Designer: Whimsy and Style Photography

Photographer: Chantal Bergeron of Whimsy and Style Photography

Favorite things: I love the bright colors used in this card and the addition of the coordinating Christmas ornaments. I LOVE the picture with the ornaments over the kids' FUN! The photographer also really captured the time of day these were taken!

Blog: Catching up with Cooper and Hadley


Katy's Thoughts: Know what I love? I love that I just discovered TWO new places to shop for the kids?! How adorable are those last two shops? If you didn't click on these links, let me just help you out by posting them again. Dear The Trendy Baby and Gracious May, be expecting an online order from this Merry Momma soon! I also love the whimsical feel of this shoot! Love those adorable ornaments over those precious kiddos heads!

Cindy's Thoughts:  I am in love with the lighting in the pictures!  It doesn't hurt that the people in the pictures are beautiful and they have on cute clothing, too! I like the two sided card, I like the individual pictures of the kiddos.  I like the BRIGHT CHEERY clothing.  This is just a great, fun card!


How can you recreate this card? Find a clear space of land, wait for that gorgeous sun to set, dress your family up in stylish clothes, add some fun accessories and done.

Get PINspired:

  1. We love the idea of a sweet family all snuggled up on a blanket, or siblings all in a row, and we think the tagline "the weather outside is frightful" is perfect for a shoot like this. (Unless you're in Texas like us, and then you'd have to ship in snow!)
  2. Want to add a fun touch with ornaments? Click herehere, and here
  3. Having a baby and thinking of a Christmas announcement? Then you have to see thisthis, and THIS!!
  4. And - if you are willing to travel (and we think that you should) then click here!

We just want to take a quick second and say thanks again! We are having so much fun spreading the merry and hope you are loving it too! We have posts lined up through October, but would love more submissions! Check out our submissions page so you can be next!!!

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