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Please send the following information along with a high resolution file of your card to yourmerrymailbox {at} gmail {dot} com.

Because we value and respect the work of all photographers, please make sure that you have their consent before submitting your card.

Who: You may use your real names if you wish, or you can use things like Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter or even nicknames! We respect your anonymity.

Location: Place and city where the picture was take.

Props: What did you use? Were they purchased? If so, where? Let us know if you made them, too!

Clothes: List of stores where you purchased the clothing (please include html links)

Comments: Any additional comments about the card, for example you may state where you got your inspiration or why you chose a certain color scheme or the meaning behind your message. Did you use a bible verse or quote? What is the significance? Include any details you think our readers would enjoy!

Designer: Who designed the card? (please include html links if applicable)

Photographer: Name and Website

Favorite Thing: What is YOUR favorite thing about your card??

Blog: Do you have a blog? If so we would love to share!

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