Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What We Love Wednesday: America

Like most Americans, today is a bittersweet day for the Merry Mommas.  We pray for the families and friends that lost their loved ones on September 11, 2001; but, we also are reminded of the Spirit of America that was so proudly displayed the days, weeks and months after the attack.

We don't know of a time we have been more proud to be an Aggie & an American than September 22, 2001.  This happened:

 And a few years later, these 6 kids happened.  We live in a very interesting and complex world.  Some would say that the "good ol' days" are gone.  And while on some level, we may agree that some of the "good ol' days" are gone, we don't agree that the American Spirit is gone. We see love and kindness.  We see compassion and empathy.  We see dedication and determination.  We see selflessness and giving.  We see the future in these six kids...and it looks good to us!


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