Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What We Love Wednesday: Hair Flair

Friends.  We may have a problem.  We LOVE some hair flair!  And I do mean LOVE!  Maybe even a little (or a lot) more than we should.  We both looked through our pictures of the Merry Littles and {GOODNESS} at the hair flair!  So, clearly we love HAIR FLAIR and here's why:

Katy: As a former cheerleader (you like that, Cindy?) I love and appreciate a bow. They really are the icing on the cake. My girls have both had hair since the day they were born, so it's been fun to add a bit of flair to their manes!

Y'all. Every since my darling friend, Katelin, taught me how to make a rosette, I have been obsessed. Seriously - I put them on everything. And LOVE them on the girls. I made this one for Emmy's one year shoot and even added that giant feather for some extra pizazz.  

Headbands, bows and clips - Oh my!:
Your hair really can capture your personality. And when you're 3, you have LOTS of personality. Emmy loves to tell me how she wants her hair done She's kind of picky. So, for her three year shoot, Sarah (the great) got some fun shots capturing all of that giant personality and ridiculous amount of hair. 

Memory Making:
I like the subtleness that hair flair can have in a photograph. I used the same headband for Emmy's NB photos and again at 1 year just to capture her growth. And for Landry, I wore the head band in my maternity pics, then she wore it in her newborn and 9 months. It's something that no one may even notice but me (well and now all of you) but it makes the pictures even more special.

Our Princess and the Pea:
Hair flair can be anything! We did this series for Merry Little L's first year and each session I purchased, made, or reused a different hair piece in gold. And I don't know if it could be any cuter?!?!
Newborn - Crown made by the one and only Sarah Burns - a woman of many talents
3 month - bought a piece of gold elastic rope at HobLob 
9 month - The most WT craft project of my life. I spray painted a party hat white, then used gold glitter spray paint, then glued some rosettes to it. It's clearly amazing
1 year - She wore my tiara from my wedding

And this is just to prove that boys can have amazing "hair flair", too!

Cindy: I don't know if it is because I am from Texas or because my Mom always had some sort of bow in my hair or because I like to spend money on things that are crazy ... but I (cough, cough) enjoy a {{tiny}} bit of fun atop my Merry Littles' heads!

 Birthday Bows
For each girls' first birthday I had a custom bow made by the talented Noelle Dixon of glam R baby.  With Merry Little C I told her I wanted an over the top bow and she delivered, so then {of course} I had to have one for A and M!  Aren't they just to die for!  And yes, the are totally the same size as their heads and I love it!

Cozette Couture                                                    London Raquel
LOVE is not a strong enough word to describe how much I love the hair flair from Cozette Couture and London Raquel.  They are huge over the top headbands, that don't actually appear too over the top.  I think they add a fun, feminine and sassiness to any outfit.

Crochet Hats
Apparently, I have have a thing for crochet hats!   And apparently I like to put Merry Little A in them more than the other two girls - A is the top center and the bottom two pics.  Each hat is a little different, but they each add a special sort of cuteness to the picture.  
(Closed Etsy vendor, NuxieMade)
(Sorry I'm not more helpful!)

Bows & Flowers
I wanted to use this collage of pictures to show you two things (1) I do not always put HUGE bows on my daughters and (2) "plain" ol' bows and flowers are cute too.  Most days, you will find the Munson Merry Littles wearing a grosgrain bow.  They are cute, come in lots of sizes and colors, and are relatively inexpensive.

I fell for the Snugars line of hair flair and fell hard!  They are as soft as they look and just so precious!  

Y'all.  Be. Still. My. Heart.

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  1. Great. Now I have to buy the entire Snugars line. Thanks a LOT!!! ;)


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