Friday, September 27, 2013

Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Clause

Who:  O & G representing the family!

Location: Our yard in College Station, Texas

Props: Our awesome photographers, Tim and Kristen, provided the couch and the cute trunk!

Clothes: Carters, Children’s Place, Levis and Converse (and the fire truck shoes are sold out everywhere!)

Comments: At the photo shoot we had taken some family shots but the one of the boys together warmed my heart. So, I decided they could represent the whole family.  I also fell in love with the photo of the boys’ feet as soon as I saw it! I really wanted either a Christmas song or a Holiday poem on the card. Then I remembered my Dad always reading me and my siblings “Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus” every year. So, I decided to incorporate that into the card.

Designer: Kristen Douglas of Fidelis Photography.  Kristen is amazing! I told her my idea and the elements I wanted to incorporate and on the first round we had a winner!

Photographer: Fidelis Photography 

Favorite Thing: I think it has to be the text treatment of the excerpts “Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus”. Kristen emphasized my favorite parts of that letter.  I also loved the paper that we chose, a matte linen cardstock.

Katy's Thoughts: There is just something about little boys that make me smile. Maybe it's because I have a little boy of my own, or maybe it's because they are darling little creatures filled with wonder and imagination. I LOVE the addition of this amazing excerpt from this letter and then once I read it's history, I loved it even more. And to be honest, I'm a sucker for a feet pic. 

Cindy's Thoughts: This card just makes me happy.  The darling boys on the front have real smiles, are "hugging" like brothers hug and just look like they are having fun.  And then I flip the card over and read the quote from "Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus" and my happy levels just triple.  I don't think even the scroogiest Scrooge wouldn't smile at this card.  It reminds us to love, be generous and give devotion.

How can you recreate this card? How fun would it be to put your own twist on a famous Christmas poem or song? The Kings first Christmas card as a family of 3 included an original rendition of "We 3 Kings"... What about "Twas the Night Before Christmas" or "Away in a Manger" for a newborn announcement? Lots of great ideas! And to set up this photograph - easy! Cute kids, a couch and some awesome fun shoes and DONE!

Get Pinspired: 
  1. We love the added detail of that fabulous trunk - and it works for lots of different pictures! A happy couple! A darling set of siblings! An adorable baby! It also works for a great game of peek-a-boo!
  2. We kind of went over board pinning stuff.... (I know, isn't that such a disappointment?) Check out our Christmas Carols board... pay close attention to this one. (LOVE!)
  3. And we also made a board for Christmas Stories and Poems. This card pretty much makes us happy. 
  4. And, what could be more merry than some Christmas Mad Libs

Merry Friday, Y'all!

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