Monday, September 9, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas

Happy Monday, Friends! Today we are highlighting a sweet family from Bryan. 
Aren't they just lovely!?

Who: Shannon, Scott, Davis and Hannah

Location: In front of Old Bryan Marketplace in Bryan, Tx

Props: Just a chair provided by our photographer

Comments: We decided to go with a black and white picture, but in case you were wondering our color scheme was blacks and shades of plum. I really liked the thought of using a black and white photo with the pops of red and green from the card design. It turned out just how I pictured it - which is always a win!

Designer: Stefanie Russell 

Photographer: Stefanie Russell

Favorite Thing: I love that it has this look of sophistication (because we are SO not!) but still casual (which we SO are!)


Katy's Comments: As a momma, I love that Shannon is seated with everyone around her - because a momma needs her rest every now and then! :) I also love the light poles and awnings from the store - the feel of a downtown area is just so fun! And that detail on sweet Hannah's leggings - lovely!! 

Cindy's Comments: I agree with Shannon, the mix of sophistication and casual is awesome in this picture.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the location.  Many towns are in full "revitalization of downtown" including Bryan, Texas.  Downtown's offer interesting and distinct buildings, streets, walkways and and typically fun shops and restaurants and Bryan is no different!  Lastly, the most awesome part of this card is hard to convey via the internet ( :( ), it has this awesome finish on it that made it shine and totally stand out!  


How can you recreate this card?: There are lots of individual elements about this card that we love. The use of any downtown area - ties in the local flare and gives a great backdrop and effect to the photo. The chair. LOTS of things that you can do with a chair. Seriously, just go get a cheap chair, spray paint it and thank us later. We love that Hannah and Shannon added some interest with their accessories - Shannon's boots are awesome. And we love Hannah's leggings! Statement pieces can add lots of fun flare to your photos!!

Get PINspired:
  1. Seriously, it is just a chair, but it can add so much fun! Check out this, this and this for some fun ideas. Or just go to our Props: Chairs board for some other seating options.
  2. Downtown areas aren't just great for the local economy - they are great for your photos!! Click here, here and here! And we INSIST that one of you all takes this photo!
  3. Statement pieces -  These are kind of an adorable pair of girls leggings and very merry. And don't forget Momma - we love this pair of boots and this pair of booties!

PS - We just want to thank all of our followers!  We will post the results of the GIVEAWAY from Jumping Jax Designs later today...stay tuned!

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