Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Snazzy with the Smiths

Who: The Smiths! Jess, Zach, Caroline (2 years) and Luke (3 months)

Location: Cowtown Photo Booths! My hubby and a friend have a photo booth business. They usually rent it for weddings and corporate events. We set it up in the garage and had fun taking pics. Now, you don't need a fancy photo booth, you could make your own with a solid background and digital camera with a self timer. 

Props:  We got the props at the Dollar Store and Oriental Trading (because we like to spend big bucks!). Santa hat, sunglasses, mustaches, hats, stocking, pom pom and a snowman that was hiding. ;)

Clothes: Red and green - nothing special just what we had!

Comments: We wanted a fun card. The expressions of the kids are just hilarious and did you see that baby fell asleep in picture #3!?!

Designer: I made the card! I used Photoshop and Picasa - the font is called Giddyup. (Tip: we took a BUNCH of pictures and then picked our favorite 4. I made a photo strip look-a-like collage. Just add a border in between the pics. (I was inspired by this!)

Photographer: We took the pics with our photo booth. Check us out at Cowtown Photo Booths.

Favorite Things: We had so much fun making the card. It can be stressful taking "the perfect" family photo. Instead, we decided to have fun with it and capture real life. :) I think we got it all: laughing, crying, sleepy, funny and happy! We even made a video while we were taking the pics - HILARIOUS!

Blog: You can find me at Get Snazzy and Resume Butterfly.


Katy's Thoughts: I love that they embraced real life. This card showcases that this family is all about fun - I mean makes me want to go make silly faces with my kids right now! I can only imagine the merry that this card brought to all that received it!

Cindy's Thoughts: This is a fun card that shows lots of different emotions and I love that!  I was actually going through the pictures on my iPhone this weekend and there was a series of pictures that I took with Merry Little C - sad, happy, excited, silly, etc. and they brought such a smile to my face -- I know this card did the same for all that received it!


How can you recreate this card? Jessica said it best - hang a solid color piece of fabric, buy some fun props, set your camera for auto and you are all set! Don't be afraid to have fun and act silly - "picture perfect" is only defined by those that are having their picture made. We do showcase a lot of seemingly "perfect" cards... but we LOVE true-to-life, honest photographs that capture the every day moments that we should be thankful for!

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