Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let it snow!

Hello, friends!
We are so excited to feature this amazing card - it came with a "PROP"!  
Now that is some MERRY!

Who:  Madelyn, Brinson and Lauren – 9 year old triplets

Location:  Our home in College Station, Texas

Props:  We decorated the tree they are standing in front of  and we loved it, but I would suggest using the large outdoor lights. We put artificial snow in each card from Hobby Lobby.  (Go reread that last sentence!  They put artificial snow in each card!  HOW AWESOME is that!)

ClothesDillards, Claire's, Kohl's, Hanna Andersson; I wanted them to coordinate but not necessarily match. 

Comments:  I have always included the year on the front of the card.

Designer:  Michelle Mullen

Photographer: Michelle Mullen

Favorite Thing:  The kids LOVED making it, they loved all the comments we received and it really captures each child’s personality.


Katy's Thoughts: I love all the kids' expressions as they are blowing the snow! It makes the card so much fun and spreads the joy of the season!

Cindy's Thoughts:  A card with SNOW inside!  AWESOME!  What a fun card that will definitely make Your Mailbox Merry!


How can you recreate this card?:  Grab your cute kids, significant other or friends, head outside and decorate a tree.  Then head to your local craft store and buy some fake snow, get the camera ready and HAVE FUN!  We love this card SO STINKING MUCH because the kids actually have fun doing and  they create a fun memory!  That's what the MERRY season is all about!

Get PINspired:
  1. We love the added {WOW} fun hats bring to the blowing snow pictures!
  2. If snow isn't your thing, try glitter!  This little girl is just precious and this cutie makes us want to pinch those precious cheeks! (In the nicest way possible!)
  3. Like the Rackley family, this family did a before and after and we love it!
  4. And, there's really nothing sweeter than a boy and his Momma!

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