Thursday, October 10, 2013

CPW - Designing & Printing Your Card

Let's recap, shall we? You've picked a photographer, found the most darling clothes for everyone to wear, bought and/or made cute props to add some fun to your pictures...then you take the what?

Now you need to design and print your card!

There are TONS and TONS of people and places that can help you design and print your is just a few of our favorites!

Yes, some photographers also design cards.  So if the idea of a one stop shop is appealing to you, make sure you ask this question when talking with potential photographers. 

{Online Retailers}
Tiny Prints is an online retailer that has a large collection of designs, shapes, colors, prices and formats (they do a great tri-fold) for you to choose from. 

Minted is another online retailer. Their selection is awesome and they have a MINI BOOK CARD!  What?! Yes, mini book cards! They are precious! 

Mpix is an online retailer that opened originally as a photography lab and has since ventured into stationary land. Most photographers we know and use recommend getting your pictures printed at Mpix; we feel like that speaks for itself.  Mpix has "modern pop cards" -- this is a card that turns into an ornament!  How cute is that!!

You need a great hair flair? Or a darling new dress/suit? Or an awesome braclet?  Or a fantastic CHRISTMAS CARD?  Well, Etsy can help you with all of that!  If you haven't visited Etsy, I am sure your wallet thanks you...but GO NOW! It's awesome! According to their own website, Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect to by and sell unique goods. We typed "Christmas Cards" into the search function and 81,787 items popped up.  If you can't find a card you like out of that...well, you are too picky! ;) Etsy vendors work two ways, 1) you just buy the design and then have it printed on your own or 2) they design and print for you.  Both of the Merry Mommas have used Etsy LOTS for LOTS for cards and a *few* other things.  We give Etsy a big MERRY!

{Graphic Designer}
If possible, the Merry Mommas love to use local talent.  Ask your friends and co-workers if they know any graphic designers that design cards and then give them a try.  One of our local go to designers is Nichole Quick of Quick Designs. We have featured two of her darling cards - Oh My Merry Myers and A Royal Christmas.

We also love the work of Becca from Jumping Jax Designs. Need proof of her work, well - she is our blog designer! But she also designs Christmas cards (and pretty much anything else you can imagine). Isn't her family adorable?

{National Retailers}
All of the large national retailers like Walmart, CVS (and right now they are offering 20% off!), Walgreens, etc. have photo labs that print all Holiday Cards. We can only tell you what we have heard - and lots of our friends and co-workers have used these services with great results! Their prices are competitive and the variety is amazing!

Yes. YOU can be your own designer! Just get on Pinterest and search "free Christmas Card template". We LOVE these options (Merry Momma K actually used one of these for a friend).

{Print Centers}
Momma Cindy has used the past few years and she loves them. You upload your design and a few days later your Christmas cards arrive on a very nice card stock with envelopes.

Like we said before, we like to use local businesses when we can and our local print shop - Copy Corner - does excellent work and their customer service is top notch. Both Merry Mommas use them lots - we have lots of kids that have birthdays and need invitations, thank yous and fun cards! :)

Our biggest, best advice is this... you've spent time, talent and treasure on taking these photos. The same should be done when selecting the final product! And you should do whatever works for you! Don't get caught up in the trendiest design, the flashiest product, the "what is everyone going to think?"... because all that matters is you are sharing YOUR merry with those that you love. You are bringing joy to everyone on your list. And that is what the season is all about. :)

ps. The season is also about receiving lots of fun surprises.... so stay tuned...

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  2. Over the years I’ve ordered dozens of Holiday cards that were printed with less than expected quality. Last year my company in Pembroke Pines, FL printed some Holiday business cards with PCA Delta, and they were great. I’ve been printing with them ever since. If you need holiday cards printed go to I strongly recommend them.

  3. A card that turns into an ornament, what a clever idea! I send out those traditional Christmas cards every season and I think this idea is good to pass up. My family in Tampa Bay will love getting this in their mailboxes this year.


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