Thursday, October 24, 2013

TBT: A Merry Husband's Best-Friend

Animal week continues, THROWBACK style....

This is Ryan, Merry Momma K's fantastically adorable husband. 
The reindeer is really just Kasey, Ryan's dog. 

Who: Ryan and Kasey 

Where: College Station, TX

Props: Santa gear and stockings

When: 1999

Comments:  Radley is basically obsessed with this picture. So much so that he had it in his room on his little bedside table until I convinced him that this lovely "framer" should really only be displayed during the holiday season. He was slightly concerned that we were throwing it away when he saw it out of the frame, but we assured him we were attempting to preserve it forever by scanning it in and saving it on my computer.

Something extra: 

This picture was taken while we were in college. Ryan and his roommate, Layne, decorated their fire place and took pictures with their canines as gifts to their momma's. Sweet, right?

(Note to ALL the Merry Littles - we're gonna need a little more than a picture of you with your pets for Christmas, mkay?)

(Just kidding)

(but really...)

The funny thing about Kasey is that she wasn't Ryan's dog to begin with. My brother, Jeremy, is a sucker when it comes to puppies. He is notorious (or once was) for bringing animals home. In college alone, he owned: 3 dogs, mice, some fish, and a flying squirrel named Capone. So it was no surprise when he came home with this "adorable little puppy". 

Until he saw the light and decided that maybe we didn't need a puppy. 

But I felt bad for the dog and didn't just want to give her to the pound. So I came up with the PERFECT solution. There was this "cute boy" I knew and kinda liked and he kinda liked me and he would surely take the dog. 

And he did.

And then we kept liking each other, so we dated. For a long time. And then we got engaged. And then we got married. And that cute little dog is still here. 

Yes, that was the "perfect" solution. 

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