Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Card Prep Week - PROPs {or not}

Today we are talking PROPS!  And if you have been around for a while (you know, since July 31st) you know the Merry Mommas do love a PROP.  We have a WWLW post dedicated just to our love of using tricycles as a prop.  We think props can add so much greatness to a picture, but remember they are there to add interest to the people in the picture, not take away from the people.  So, if props aren't your thing don't fret!  But...if they are...ENJOY!

PS - Our definition of prop is going to exclude hair flair and most accessories.  You know we love that stuff and it deserves its own post! :)

Chalkboards, banners and over sized letters are great ways to use {WORDS} as props.

Baskets, buckets and beds serve as a place to put your bum, but also a cute prop!

Tricycles, trucks, really all modes of transportation make great props!

Everyone can't always be standing in every picture, so why not PROP it up with cute couches and chairs!

Quick, name two things you look at and always smile ... did you say balloons and bubbles?  Of course you did and that's what makes them such fun props!

WHEW...that's a lot of pictures and props.  We tried our best to pin all of the photographs from their original source.  Please look at our PINTEREST PAGE for more info on each pictures.

There are many many many more things that can be used as props.

You maybe, that's awesome and I love the use of props in pictures...but, how does that help ME plan my Christmas card?

1.  Many of these props, especially the ones you sit on, in or around are really just that...things to sit on to add height and dimension for your pictures.  Proceed as you normally would, order a cute card from Minted, Tiny Prints, your favorite designer and send the MERRY.

2.  Some of the more unique props lend themselves to fun tag lines:

- Airplanes: May the joy of the season send you soaring!
- Bed: May you find rest in the season and joy in your heart
- Christmas Tree: Sending you the gifts of faith, hope and love to be stacked under your tree

3.  Here's some CHRISTMAS PROPS for you!

Don't live near a Christmas tree farm? Make your own!

If only it snowed in Texas! How fun is this sled?

And do we need to remind you about our love for ornaments?

And y'all - this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait, an ICEBERG...wouldn't that be an amazing picture? Ok, ok, you're right. I mean, where would we find a cute pair of snow shoes? 

PS - Want to see the ULTIMATE prop?  Stay tuned!

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