Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What We Love Wednesday: Animal PRINT

Hi friends!  Sorry if you were expecting darling pictures of the Merry families with our we mentioned, we aren't really "have our pets in professional pics" type gals...but, we can make up for it - WE LOVE ANIMAL PRINT! We love everything about it!  We love that is now considered a neutral.  We love that you can dress it up or down.  We love that men, woman and babies can embrace it.  We love that it is fun and adds a great pop to a maybe somewhat boring outfit.  We just LOVE animal print!

And if you are visual learner here's why we love ANIMAL PRINT... from head to toe!







(sourcesource, source, source)

Aren't all these things darling!  We tried to find something for everyone's price range and style.  You may be thinking...that's great Merry Mommas...but I AM IN CHRISTMAS CARD PLANNING MODE - HELP!  Well...we aim to please!

Get PINspired!

  1. We focused lots on getting Momma MERRY in animal print, but the kids can get in on the animal print action too!  We love the kids gone wild look here and here
  2. Here Momma pulls off the animal print scarf flawlessly!
  3. And to buy all this darling animal print, you may **NEED** this!
  4. Sweet, fun and cute!  We love this awesome card!  This one is super fun too!
  5. OMG - This may be the perfect animal print card!  Animals AND animal print!  We're sold!
  6. And some families go all out!

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  1. I was happy to see this post today! I am planning on working some cheetah prints into our merry-ness :)


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