Thursday, October 17, 2013

TBT: Not that long ago...

*Merry Momma Cindy is taking "blogger's privilege" today!

Y'all...not that long ago (well, two years to be exact) Millicent Claire entered our world. Josh and I left our house around 5:30 am and less than three hours later we were holding our Millie. It was an exciting day; we did not find out Millicent's gender before hand so the anticipation levels were high. When our doctor said, "It's a girl!" Josh and I looked into each others' eyes and teared up, big puppy dog tears. And while I am absolutely certain we would have done the exact same thing if the doctor has said "It's a boy!", it was a {MAGICAL MOMENT}.  Josh then had the awesome opportunity to take Millicent out of the delivery room and introduce her to our family.  {MAGICAL MOMENT} The next few days were blissful.  We lovingly held Millicent for hours and the big girls came in and out of the hospital room so excited about their new baby. {MAGICAL MOMENTS} Over the next two years we celebrated birthdays, holidays, births and even deaths and they were all {MAGICAL MOMENTS}.  

These {MAGICAL MOMENTS} are etched into our brains.  They help us remember the fun and the joy this wonderful thing called LIFE brings to us.

And during this time, we had lots of pictures take - both professionally and by us.  And while we never want to be the parents that stop during a magical moment to get the pic, we do want to be the parents that have photo albums for our kids to look through when they come home from college and say things like, "Mom, why did you make me wear that HUGE bow?"

And really, that's a huge part of why we started this blog.  We want to help people capture those {MAGICAL MOMENTS}.  To have something tangible for the kids and grandkids to look at and smile, laugh and remember.  To take pause in this busy world and reflect on the things that matter - your family and friends and pets!

When you receive a Christmas card you do look at the design and the picture of the sender and, of course, you LOVE that part, but where does your heart goes to the {MAGICAL MOMENT} you had with the person/people in the picture.

Don't forget to enjoy the {MAGICAL MOMENTS} in your life today!

We'll see y'all tomorrow,
we're off to have our {MAGICAL MOMENT}
with our precious Mills! 

Photo Credit - Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography  

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