Monday, October 28, 2013

What can brown do for you?

What?! You were expecting more merry goodness? 

Well, we promise to get back on that next week, but for now we are sharing the merry of Halloween!!!
(Besides, you should be brushing up on choosing a photographer, picking a wardrobe, gathering props, and designing your cards... just go here!)

For now - we have a special delivery!

Who: Radley (3), Emersyn (4 months)

Location: Navasota, TX (on a friend's front porch)

Props: UPS "riding toy", mailing label

Clothes: UPS Man Halloween Costume, brown onesie (from HobLob), headband from an Etsy vendor that's no longer open :(

Comments: My crazy friend, Cindy (you've met), convinced me that we NEEDED Halloween photos. (Because at this point, what's one more, right?) And I'm really glad that she did because this costume pairing has been one of my favorites! 

Designer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Photographer: Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography

Favorite Thing: We {the Kings} clearly like a UPS theme. Radley wanted to be a UPS man so bad for Halloween because he loves his Daddy so much (which I love) and Emmy as the "special package" was perfect! 

Clearly, one of our favorite parts of the holiday is checking the mail. It really is a wonderful time of year to catch up on family and friends; it's also a great time to fill others' mailboxes with MERRIMENT! So, let's look at some fun ways you can share the merry in mail this season...
  1. We came across this pinterest board and Oh.MY.Word. 13 oz of greatness! You have to check it out...filled with lots of fun ideas that you can ship to friends and family that are all 13 oz or less. 
  2. Washi tape is pretty darn fun. But you know what's really fun - wrapping your packages and adding some washi tape flair
  3. I am a sucker for "brown paper packages tied up with strings" - I use brown paper every year under my tree. Check out our "wrapping merry" board for some great ideas for packages to mail or keep!

And because we love you so much, and the shopping season has begun, we have some "shipping tips" to share, straight from the UPS man himself, Merry Husband Ryan: 

  1. It is always best to let the UPS store or the UPS customer center do the packing.  The parcel will be packaged correctly and be covered under the shipping guidelines of UPS. 
  2. If you order online and pay for next day air or second day air service; that does not always mean that you will receive the package in that timeframe. Delivery is dependent on the policy of the company that you order from.  Sometimes the shipper does not process the order until a day later and it will not ship under the expectation that was perceived. Amazon is probably the most reliable for online processing time and Big Brown will take care of the rest ;)
  3. UPS offers MyChoice which is a personalized profile that you can utilize to track, indirect or hold your shipments.  You can even schedule a timeframe for when you want your package to be delivered and where to leave it (porch, garage, etc) if you are not home.  
** And just one more tip from this Merry Momma - be extra nice to your delivery men and women this season. They give up lots of family time to spread the merry straight to you! ** 

What's your favorite thing to receive in the mail?? Seriously, we want to know!

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