Thursday, October 3, 2013

TBT: Pigtails

It's Thursday and your know what that means...It's TBT!

The darling sisters - Mendy & Heather - we are featuring today were Merry Momma Cindy's neighbors most of her childhood.  And, their mom  - Joan -  was also in MMC's Dad's class from 1st grade to senior year.  And, their grandparents' farm is still right down the road from MMC's grandparents' farm.  There are lots and lots of generational memories with this entire family.  Isn't that awesome!  The Merry Momma's kind of love small town life and all the fun stuff that comes with it - like having three generations of friendship!  Thanks Curry/Isbell family!

And now...the darling Christmas cards!  

Cindy's Thoughts: Y'all.  These sisters KNOW how to ROCK piggies!  I think piggies are awesome and I love how they portray a sense of "little girl".  We live in a society that rushes growing up and I think piggies maybe help {just a little bit} slow that rush down. 

Katy's Thoughts: When I think of pigtails, I think of Suzy Sandoff. My idol growing up. She was a cheerleader at Baylor (I know, I know) and she was my "coach". And she insisted that cheerleaders wore pig tails. And I am so glad she did. Because there is nothing sweeter than seeing my girls in piggies. 


Get Pinspired:

  1. Piggies are the essence of childhood and this picture does an awesome job reflecting it.
  2. Messy piggies are DARLING - here and here.
  3. Goodness...this face, those piggies!
  4. And you can fancy up piggies! Check this and this out!
  5. Piggies are practical!
  6. This might be my favorite piggie pic!
  7. And for TONS of super fun pics of cute sisters, click here!
PS - Thanks Mendy and Heather for letting us feature you!  XOXO

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