Monday, October 21, 2013

Woman's Best Friend (and a WINNER)

Hi friends!
This week we have a theme (we LOVE a theme) and the theme is ANIMALS!!
Yes, all you animal lovers who have been patiently waiting for cards featuring animals we are here to inspire you!
Woof, woof and meow! 

Who:  Rachel, Toby (male, black and tan dapple long-hair dachshund) and Lexie (female, chihuahua/terrier mix) {Both are rescue dogs from Aggieland Humane Society}

Location:  Rachel's house in Bryan, Texas

Props: No props, just cute pups!

Clothes: Lane Bryant

Comments: I have friends of all faiths and from a variety of cultures, so I aim to send a more seasonal message rather than a card with a religious message.  I wanted to go with a more casual look for the card, and I also wanted to show off some of my house's front porch since most of my family lives out of town and haven't visited my house. There ended up being a ton of great photos from the shoot, so I wanted to show off as many as I could - especially Lexie and Toby's adorableness!

Designer:  I wanted to go with a more cost-effective solution for my cards, so I turned to Walmart. I was also able to have the cards printed in a hurry since I was behind on getting them sent out!

Photographer:  Gabriel Chmielewski

Favorite Thing:  I love the individual portraits of Toby and Lexie. The photographer took these pictures while we were attempting to get the shot of my feet with them next to me, so my roommate was holding pepperonis out to get them to look at the camera. Yes, those are looks of pepperoni lust in their eyes!

Katy's Thoughts: The thing I love most about receiving cards all season, is that I get a glimpse into the lives of my friends that I don't get to see as often as we would like. This card is a perfect example of that! I love that she wanted to show off her house and her pups and she did it in style. And, admittedly, I am not the #1 dog fan around, but that picture in the top left - sheesh - adorbs! 

Cindy's Thoughts:  Y'all.  I can not tell a lie.  I am not really an animal person.  I know, I know.  They are sweet, kind, loyal, loving and all that jazz...but they just don't do it for me.  I have no good explanation, it's just who I am.  Don't hate...because if you want to have animals I am all for it!  AND Rachel does the animal thing WELL!  Those dogs are cute, they clearly love her and make for a great prop! I love the feet pic with the dogs - Toby looks so distinguished and Lexie looks ready for the pepperoni!  

How can YOU recreate this card? Grab a couple of cute dogs, find a darling front porch and viola!  The great thing about this card is you can use dogs, cats, snakes (eww) or even a couple of human kids and have a similar look.  We think what makes this card so great is (yes, besides cute dogs) the fun and love this family shows!

Get PINspired:

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A huge thanks to Whimsy & Style Photography for partnering with us!  Stay tuned...we'll try to give our loyal readers some sneak peeks along the way!

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