Friday, October 25, 2013

Holidays are ruff

Who: Kaia

Location: Her momma's house

Props: A white sheet placed on a trunk. The lights, hat, and bow were purchased from Target and the green blanket is a Christmas tree skirt from Garden Ridge.

Comments: Honestly, I was really bored one evening so I took my creative juices out on the poor dog! She may look unhappy or depressed here, but she loves to play dress up and do whatever! (But I couldn't resist playing up her mood!)

Designer: Me!

Favorite Thing: That she wasn't even 2 and let me take this picture. She sat there and let me take about 100 pictures until I got bored. She's 5 1/2 now, so no telling what will happen this year!!! 


Katy's Thoughts: Ummm. I LOVE this card. The snarky face on Kaia goes perfectly with the caption. And I can not lie - I LOVE a pun. Love love love them! 

Cindy's Thoughts: All I have to say, is preach, Kaia. Sometimes the holidays wear me out and can be "ruff!" This card shows us all that we can have a bad day and still be pretty darn cute!

How can you recreate this card? Grab your fur baby, set up a scene and snap away! Some pets have a better attention span than kids and their attitude is often "if I just sit here and do what she/he/they want - I will probably be rewarded in food and hugs...and maybe even get to sleep in the bed tonight." Kids just scream and cry until they convince you to do what they want. 

Get PINspired: (we are going to do this section a little different today... because we LOVE these cards and we really want to make sure that you see them)... 

So we present our top five favorite animal inspired cards on pinterest... (you're welcome)







And the one that keeps us laughing thinking of our own cats...


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