Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Card Prep Week - A Winning Wardrobe

It's day two of Card Prep Week and we could not be more excited because we are talking...CLOTHES! And before you look like this...

take a deep breath. We are here to help!! This is the fun part because SHOPPING is involved! 

1. Get Organized - This is our number one tip...it will save you lots of time, tears, and stress. We are big fans of a spreadsheet and like to organize "Who, What, Where, Wear"
  • Who: Who is in the picture? Everyone? Just kids? Mom and Dad only?
  • What: What kind of picture? Sibling? Family? Lifestyle? Traditional?
  • Where: Where is the picture being taken? Outdoors? Indoors? Will there be a busy backdrop? Lots of surrounding space? 
  • Wear: This is the fun part! Once you've decided the first three, you can begin to make your style selections. We use a spreadsheet because we can send it to our friends and each other for feedback. We can link directly to outfit choices, accessories, hair flair, etc... and add on to each other's as well. (Or you can go in the opposite order and pick your clothing, or one awesome piece of clothing, and then style the shoot from there.  )
DO THIS FOR EVERY POSE/SHOT YOU ARE THINKING OF DOING! It may seem like a lot, but trust us... it's worth it!

2. Start somewhere. Anywhere. - This could be a favorite pair of shoes, a scarf, or even a head piece. For Merry Momma K in 2011, it was this jacket and you may recall the entire Munson card for 2012 was styled around a pink sweater. Find a piece that you LOVE and work around it. 

3. Coordinate, but not matchy matchy. - Some of you may need to pick your jaw off the floor when we say "don't match exactly" - especially if you see our children on any given day ending in 'y'. But it's true - you don't want your clothes to just be there - you want them to be part of you. You want them to tell your story. You want them to help capture this moment in time. 

We know, we know... this is the part that scares the beejeezus out of you... but don't let it! Plan in advance and do a little at a time. Lay all of your outfits out and group them how you think the picture will look (Dad holding baby girl, Mom next to son, little sister in front, etc...). Snap a pic on your phone and send it to the friend that you know "speaks the truth". Do that until you "get it right". Also, take a look at the pic the next day.  Is there a place your eye automatically focuses on?  If yes, it is a good thing? Or maybe a "we need to rethink mom, dad, sister, brother wearing brown neutral tones and baby  in hot pink" thing.  We seriously do this all the time... 

Get Pinspired:
  1. Jewel tones photograph well, we love this picture.
  2. This combination of rust, maroon, brown and cream make for one pretty picture!
  3. Occasionally, one bright colored piece of clothing can add the extra pop a family needs.
  4. For the more daring Merry Mailbox Fan, a BRIGHT and BOLD primary colors could work for your family.
  5. The bold color doesn't always have to be on one of the kiddos, Momma can rock it too!
  6. The Merry Mommas love a monochromatic look:
    1. Beach pictures don't have to be in white clothing, this family NAILED the brown tones.
    2. The boys with their Momma in blue
    3. Everyone looks good in black (and gray...and white).
    4. The soft muted gray tone of this picture have your eyes focused on that cute little baby!
4. Accessorize and Layer - Don't overlook the added pop of something fun. A head piece (do we need to remind you of our love for hair flair?), a scarf, a necklace, a bow tie, a blanket - you name it. The textures, colors, and layers of accessories can make a picture go from whoa... to WOW!!!

Beautiful picture provided by the wonderful Sarah Burns of Butterfly Chaser Photography, Caption by YMM

5. Don't forget your feet - Y'all. Shoes were made to be on display - what better excuse to buy this pair of Frye boots than for your Christmas card? :) Okay, so maybe you don't need to spend that much money on shoes, but please do not let your man show up in tennis shoes. :)

Clockwise from top left: Baby feet, Chucks, Socks, Cowboy boots, Rainboots

To recap...

PS - Remember how we mentioned something big is coming...well, it may involve the Merry Mommas helping YOU find a winning wardrobe...stay tuned!

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