Friday, October 4, 2013

Make a joyful noise!

Who: Chance (Dad), Alyssa (Mom), Cade (age 4) and Little Lady (due April 2013)

Location: Texas A&M Horticulture Gardens, College Station, Texas

Props:  JOY letters and tin can phone - These were both made by our photographer, Thom Landers.  (Note - Unlike the lovely creators of Your Merry Mailbox, I am NOT usually a prop person.  I was quite resistant when our photographer wanted to experiment with them.  But, he apparently knows more than I do because 2 prop pictures made our card!)

Clothes: Old Navy, Gymboree, Target, Kohl's and the ever-so-glamorous Motherhood Maternity

Comments: The word "JOY" has special meaning for our family.  Years ago my father-in-law spent a weekend with us and commented that whenever he come to our home, he feels joy.  Chance and I were really touched by this and always try to keep his compliment in mind, especially when things are not going so joyfully.  When the photographer wanted us to poses with this special word, I reluctantly overcame my dislike of props and complied.  We did get a nice "everyone smiling at the camera" picture with the word, but the one that made the card shows our personalities perfectly.  Cade has always disliked having his photo taken, so here he is running away from JOY!  Chance is chasing after him and I'm still smiling...hoping for the perfect shot.  The tin can phone also ended up being really special.  Even before his little sister was born, Cade claimed to be able to hear the baby talking to him.  Now that she is here he often tells us what she is "saying" when she squeals and shrieks.

Designer: Shutterfly

Photographer: Thom Landers of T&M Photography

Favorite Thing: My favorite thing about the card is that it helps me remember our last Christmas as a family of 3.  We cherished this time to focus on our son, while we eagerly awaited Little Lady's arrival!

Katy's Thoughts:  I think the matching father/son hair cuts are adorable! I also love the bottom picture of Cade running away -it's that fun personality and mischievous little boy that brings them such JOY to begin with!

Cindy's Thoughts: I love love love Cade's sweet face in the picture when he is "talking" to his sister - it is just precious!  I wonder what secrets she's telling him! I also love all the meaning behind this card.

How can you recreate this card? We love the tin can idea!  Grab some green beans, eat them and then have fun with the cans!  We also love scarfs and pretty Mommas!  Buy a scarf this season, thank us later!  And of course, we love the use of JOY!

Get Pinspired:
  1. Both Merry Mommas have siblings and we both know how special that bond is...and it starts early!  We love this picture and this one and this one!
  2. Tin cans aren't just for the kiddos, they can also be used to spice up engagement photos.
  3. This couple used them at their wedding!
  4. And don't forget the traditional use of tin cans at weddings...noise makers!
  5. FASHION ADVICE - Buy a leopard print scarf.  Now.  See.  See again!
  6. Scarfs can be for work or play.
  7. If you have already bought a leopard print scarf, maybe buy a plaid one or a camo one
  8. Scarfs are just fun, get a solid color one if you are a tad apprehensive.

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