Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What We Love Wednesday: Balloons

 Nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon.
~ Winnie the Pooh

It's true. Balloons just evoke happiness. They are one of those quintessential pieces of childhood - they just make people happy. You can't help but smile when you see them. They represent such a freedom and they are simply just fun. So, today we bring you the balloon. In every shape, size and color!

Katy: Our first photoshoot with Sarah was way back in April 2010. I was the Momma of 1.5 and had only taken pics of Radley at... gasp... Sears. (I know, I know). So, I knew I wanted to do a few pics with something "extra" but to be honest, I had not honed my picture taking obsession skills much at this point. Then I thought about using red balloons. I just pictured him in jeans, a white button down and cute boat shoes holding a bunch of red balloons on a railroad track.

(Because clearly that is where all of those things would be grouped together.)

And I still love this image today!

In keeping with tradition, I also wanted to use balloons for Emmy's 2 year photoshoot. I had seen this balloon wall on pinterest and fell in love with the idea of making a wall out of balloons as a backdrop for her. I also found this adorable rainbow colored chevron dress that was so playful and would work so well with the look I was going for. 

And then picture day arrived. And a monsoon happened just as we were about to do this last series. And the monsoon brought thunder. And the two-year old did not like thunder. So we had tears. Lots of tears. (Should I remind you of tip #4 of our recap) We brought out the sucker and things got better.

And then we got "THE shot". And the time and energy spent on setting up those 50+ balloons was worth it! (Thanks, Sarah!)

Cindy: As I looked through our photo shoots, I have to admit that I was a little shocked that I have only done ONE photo shoot with balloons, but it is a great one!  These pictures are from Annaliese's 2 year photo shoot.  I love the whimsical feel the first picture gives.  While we all know that most children don't run through the woods wearing a fancy dress and carrying balloons that match said dress, it's fun to pretend and get caught up in the emotions the picture evokes - childhood, carefree, fun.  The second picture is great because the balloons add a fun (but not distracting) pop of color - and y'all...that face! Love it, and her!

 {Top 5 Reasons Why We LOVE Balloons!} 
  1. Inexpensive - Seriously, you can't find props much cheaper than this! And while we are aware of the great helium shortage in America (yes, that's a real thing), you can use balloons in lots of different ways and not have to pay for the helium.
  2.  Colorful - What a great way to add a pop of ANY color to a photo. 
  3. Fun - Yes. Balloons are fun. {F} {U} {N} {!}
  4. Unexpected - I don't think most of us think, yep, I should totally take pictures with balloons...unless of course you are on Pinterest all day every day.  They add an unexpected surprise to photos.  Use them!
  5. Celebration - Balloons represent celebrations and we love celebrations. In fact, we pretty much believe that everyday is a celebration and try to live that way.  
 And for your viewing pleasure, we want to highlight some of our
~FAVORITE~ photographers and their work with balloons!  Enjoy!

These beautiful images are from Butterfly Chaser Photography.
(We think you all know of our love of the monochromatic look!!)

  These darling images are from Whimsy & Style Photography.
(Cute girl, precious shoes and a fun dress - the Merry Mommas are in!)

This collage is from Munchkins and Mohawks Photography!
(Again with the monochromatic look - LOVE!)

We adore the celebration this cutie is having with her balloons!

Y'all.  TO DIE FOR. We love love love this image from Peekaboo Photography.
(And yes, this might not be an inexpensive prop...but WHO CARES!)

Get PINspired:
  1.  Oversized balloons are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!  Check this, this and this out!
  2.  Bright colored balloons make every picture fun!  This family knows how to have fun!
  3. You know we love a carnival...add balloons = SWOON! 
  4.  Balloons can also have a vintage feel!  We love this and this!
  5. And if you want to put your darling baby girl in a hot air balloon, check this out!

We would {LOVE} to hear how you would
use balloons - Comment below!

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  1. Love the colors that the balloons add. I'm not a prop fan but this doesn't take away from the subject - just adds to it!


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