Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two pups, a baby and one adorable couple

 (Top picture is the outside front; middle picture and note are top and bottom of the inside- this was a folded card. Note was reduced for collage).

Who: Chris, Stephanie, Grayson, Sandy and Fannie (the fur babies!)

Location: Plano, Dallas and Frisco, TX (That's 3 separate photoshoots people. That's awesome. And crazy. OUR kind of crazy.)

Props: None

Clothes: Chris and Stephanie "shopped their closet" (remember this tip from our Winning Wardrobe post?) Grayson - Children's Place and Janie and Jack

Comments: I am so not clever so I couldn't decide what to do. I just picked photographs I liked and put them together in one card. 

Designer: Tiny Prints

Photographer: B4 Photography and Ashlee Dawn Photography  and Nuns Photography

Favorite Thing: I love how all 3 photoshoots came together to work so well. I LOVE that our sweet pups are always featured in our cards. 


Katy's Thoughts: Let's discuss the fact that she used a COMBO of three photography sessions to make her perfect card. Y'all. That is COMMITMENT!! And let's discuss that hubby Chris deserves some major props! Chris is Ryan's best-friend, college roommate and the best-man in our wedding. He got lucky enough to be stuck with me forever and WE got lucky enough to have Stephanie join the "3 Stripe" crew. All that to say - we love this family. Now about the card - I LOVE that they mixed black and white with a color photo. So unexpected but fits perfectly together too! I also love how they nailed the layered look for tiny man, Grayson. And that tie - gah! :) :) :)

Cindy's Thoughts: Stephanie gets a A+ from me on the styling of her men!!  I totally agree with Katy, the layered look looks good on these two!  Also, I love the top left photo of just Stephanie and Chris.  Sometimes "we" (I am talking to myself here) get a little wrapped up in our kids (human and fur ones) and forget about the couple part of our lives...this picture made me stop and think - Josh and I need pictures of just us and we need to go on a date!  Thanks for the reminder, Stephanie!


How can you recreate this picture? We love all the different backgrounds and settings of this card. Make sure to ask your photographer (or more in this case! ;)) how many different places they are willing to take photos - it does vary! All these individual shots come together to make one great story board! Tons of personalities are captured to give a great picture of this family.

Get PINspired:
First of all, we found a new card designer, elli,  that we LOVE - check out their site here. Some of their designs look amazing with black an white photos - check out this, this, and this! Or if you are into efficiency, then just check out our entire "Black and White Photo" board. And, you can even do a black and white photo of your pup - we think this is adorable! We both have dogs - our dogs are no where near calm enough for any of these photos. BUT - we do think that these images add a bunch of merry to anyone's day! Can we note that we LOVE Stephanie's style. So click here and here to see some other cute ways for black on black as she effortlessly pulls off in a few of her pics.

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