Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WWLW: Month By Month

Are you still giggling over our keepsake photo? We are!

We hope you enjoyed it. We really do want this blog to a place you turn to for card (all kinds) inspiration and fun. Thanks for joining us in our blogging journey.

We are still smitten by Lyla's pictures! Yearly pictures are just an overall awesome idea...and lots of families start doing these way before the child's first birthday with "monthday" pictures. The Merry Mommas sure did ... well ... with babies #2 and #3 ... those first kids may get all the attention, but blogs/pinterest/etc. just weren't near as popular in 2007/2008.(Sorry Radley and Caroline!) We both had professional monthly (newborn, 3, 6, 9, 12) pictures taken and also did monthly pictures taken by "moms with fancy cameras" aka US!

This is Millicent, Merry Momma Cindy's baby.  Things to note - (1) Yes, Cindy likes a big bow, remember. (2) This is not an original idea, the idea was found on Pinterest.  Whoever came up with it, though -- SMART!! (3) Cindy's momma (Bebe to the grands) made the onesies.  (4) It does kind of break our heart to look at these pics, Millicent is over 2 years old now.

This is Landry, Merry Momma Katy's baby.  Things to note - (1) I totally wanted to do the same series as Cindy with Mills, but she beat me to it (;)); (2)  I fell in LOVE with this picture on Pinterest (3) I had a special bin for all those blankets/fabric for easy access (4) Some of these are just fabric scraps around blankets (5) She wore a gold head piece each month (6) Except for one year in which she wore my wedding tiara

We did massive amounts of research (read lots of blog stalking and Pinterest looking) to find some other great examples of Month-By-Month photos...enjoy!

Check out The Hills are Alive for a look at the complete Month-by-Month!

This series focuses on his CUTE face - Famille Summer Belle.

How fun is that chair? And that background? And the balloons? (you know we love balloons!)
Mom*Tog is a great resource, check her out!

And for you over achieving parents ... Week-By-Week photos are a really cool idea!  And, kiddos do really change each week.  This darling little one is the daughter of the Young House Love folks.


Wait for it...
 (We looked and looked and can't find the original source. If this is yours, please let us know!)

Y'all. This. Is. Perfect!
(And act surprised if you see one of the Merry Mommas 2014 card looks similar!)

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