Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mailbox Memories: Letters to your loved ones

Hi friends!

Have you seen this commercial?

You have tears in your eyes, don't you? You aren't crying alone, we do too!

As a loyal reader, you know that we have discussed "keepsake photos" all week. We showcased monthly pictures, yearly pictures and even showed you pics of us in our pjs!  And CLEARLY we love pictures.  But you know what we love even more, the stories that go with pictures.

In a society that values a selfie more than a hand written note, we want you to take 30 minutes today and write a letter to someone you love.  Tell them why you love them or share a funny story or whatever you want to share.

While, we know Sophie isn't really real - YOUR kid is.

So, write a letter to you kid about when they were tiny. Tell them how you felt the first time they laughed. Tell them your fears. Tell them how brave you were and ARE. Tell them about things you don't see in a picture. Tell them about you. Tell them a story about when you were little or how you fell in love with their other parent.

And if you don't have kids, send a letter to your spouse, your mom, your friend...tell them something that will make their day better.  Share a story from your perspective. Tell them about you.

And, because we like to make you cry (in a good way) enjoy this story!

Words matter! Say kind ones today!

With love,
The Merry Mommas

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