Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Movie PINspiration...

Today we are showcasing some movie birthday themes that have some great potential for a fun party!

Check out sweet Caroline's 4th birthday... and let me just say the force is strong in this one.


Caroline loves Star Wars. Like big fat puffy paint heart on a tshirt LOVES it. She gets it from her Daddy. And while Merry Momma C may not have been thrilled with this adoration of movie series... she is an awesome Momma. And when Caro wanted a Star Wars party, they delivered. And it all started with this darling HOMEMADE party invite.

Not the greatest picture, but there are others similar here

So this got us thinking...what other movies could serve as some PINspiration for sharing the merry? And then THAT got us thinking that we should ask you, dear readers. And we did. And you answered. So... here are our top picks for a movie themed birthday party.


We couldn't even begin to think about doing this post and not suggesting Frozen. Seriously our kids are obsessed with it. We could quote it in our sleep. And for good reason... it's a precious movie and would make an adorable party theme for a girl OR A boy.

This would be a great party to throw in the summer. Especially the Texas summer when the heat is at its hottest and you want nothing more than to be cool. And this Etsy vendor made it super easy for you to share the merry via the perfect party invite. (Boy invite here and girl invite here.)

Now, while not an essential part of the party... we are going to go ahead and say that wearing the merry is an essential part of the party. :) Seriously... it is so fun to get everyone all coordinated! And, it doesn't have to be huge or cost an arm and leg. This tshirt is adorable and Merry Momma K may purchase for the hubs and Rad. And this dress is awesome... and BONUS... has the word "practical" in the title, which for our all of our merry littles is key since they would live in their dress up clothes. 


While not the most recent release... cars are classic. A quintessential part of boyhood. This movie will withstand the test of time and the toys will literally never go away. 

This ticket to the races would be so fun to get in the mail (we showcased this same vendor yesterday)  and this Pit Pass = major cool points for any kid (big or small... 5 or 35!). And we love any opportunity to show off the cuteness of the Merry Littles and know that you feel the same way about yours which makes this Mater invite perfect!

We love this personalized tshirt for your little racer. 

Alice in Wonderland

We realize that not everyone is in the same stage of life as us but Disney is kind of classic. And Alice in Wonderland was mentioned by a couple of our readers. We think that this would be a great theme for those tweens and teens. Check out all of these lovely invitation options. 

This movie lends itself to so many ideas... you could go shabby chic, totally mad or a bit vintage. I am crossing my fingers that someone I know will have this as a party theme just so I can get one of these invites in the mail!!

Now, we realize that tweens and teens may not want to wear a costume to their party. Or maybe not these costumes. BUT... Alice in Wonderland + teenager costume in Pinterest brings up some interesting choices that we don't feel like sharing here. This is a family blog afterall. But this etsy vendor does AMAZING work.... Landry's 3rd birthday may just have to be a "tea for three" party!!! 

Thank you...

We all know that a party isn't complete without a thank you note. But, we didn't really find any that we fell in love with for these themes. So.... we attempted to make some printables. You should be able to right click on the images below and save to your computer. They are formatted to print as a 5x7 notecard. 

(Rabbit Clip Art Here)

Just click on any of the images above and it will open in a new window. Save or print. We recommend printing on 100# white cardstock! Enjoy sharing the merry! 

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