Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mommas Most Wanted: Kelly Stamps

We would like to begin today's post by offering a big giant "you're welcome" to all the new readers/followers/blog stalkers of Melanie. Isn't she great? We know. So "you're welcome." Again. 

We also jumped the gun a bit yesterday - her new book actually comes out today. Just buy it.

And with that...our Most Wanted week continues and we seriously couldn't be more thrilled to share with you about why we love Kelly from Kelly's Korner so much!

Here is a quick 411...

Kelly is the first blog that Cindy got me hooked on. Kelly had just given birth to her first sweet baby girl, Harper, and had some major complications. And while that was probably the scariest moment in her life, what happened was remarkable. In days, Kelly, Scott and Harper brought 1000s of people together in prayer. And y'all...anytime that happens is an amazing thing. She is one of the most popular bloggers around and daily she dedicates her blog to Him and all that he does to glorify the world. 

She never apologizes for who she is. She writes from the heart. She inspires readers daily to strengthen their walk. She offers support and wisdom. And she's real. And we love that about her. (And she would also be totally "chawed" to read all these praises.)

And, besides all that... she is amazingly humble. We got to meet her at dotMom last year along with 1000+ other followers and she stopped and smiled and chatted with each of us. She was so gracious, thanking us for following along in her life and praying for her family. She actually hates all the attention but is so giving of her time. 

On the ride home Cindy and I talked lots about her humility and grace and what a Godly example she is. So, Kelly... if you are reading. THANK YOU. 

Then a few months later, we were sitting in a coffee shop about to go full speed ahead with a new blog adventure. We made sure to email all our family and friends and even though we didn't think she would really respond... sent out some email requests to "famous" people... like Kelly.

Y'all. She literally responded MOMENTS after we hit send. She was the first person to send us an email and be friends with the Merry Mommas on FB. 

(And while that was over 6 months ago and we are still waiting on that card to come in... we are sure that it will hit our inbox soon!) :)

Kelly - congrats! YOU are on our most wanted list. Now everyone go tag her in this pic on Instagram and spread the love along with the merry!

Tel us, dear readers, what would you love to have her chat about...

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  1. I would listen to anything she has to say.....I mean I sort of made her cry last year at dotMom when I told her what an inspiration she was to me lol.


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