Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mommas Most Wanted: Erin Carroll

 So, what did you think about Kelly? She's great, right? We know. Again, you're welcome. 

You ready to meet crush #3? Well, guess what... she already knows who she is!! Check out our Instagram feed from yesterday...

We may or may not have squealed at work, like all 30-something professionals. How fun is that!?!?! 

So who is "the Blue Eyed Bride"? Well, allow us to introduce you... 

And why are we crushing on her? Well that's simple. You generally crush on people that are similar to you.

The list is long.. she's a party planner (We love to plan parties. And photo shoots in case you missed it). She's a mom. (We are moms, too!). She lives in South Carolina (so did Merry Momma C) and lived in Baton Rouge (Merry Momma Ks ENTIRE family lives there). She loves Jesus (us too!). She is  Premier Parent for Dr. Smiths (so is Merry Momma K). She is baptist (Merry Momma C) and her bestie is Catholic (Merry Momma K). AND... they met by BLOGGING!

(And you may know how we feel about blogging).

But, what we love most about Erin is her authenticity. Just read this post.

Did you finish? Because what a powerful message. Grace... don't be afraid to offer and ACCEPT some of your own.  The grace from our kids, especially our eldest, is immeasurable. They are learning how to be humans just like we are learning how to be parents. Thanks for that reminder, Erin.

And thanks for all the Insta-love! Y'all - she also follows our personal accounts.
(Because we can't decide if we should combine them all into one giant YMM account.)
Now if that doesn't make a girl feel special! :)

Hopefully by now, you know the drill. Save this pic and upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and let Erin know that it's not just us dying for her to share the merry... our readers want to hear from you too!

And... I mean... we think spreading the merry is a perfect way to also spread Everyday Cheer!

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  1. You girls are so much fun! Thank you for the sweet, sweet words. What a nice thing to wake up to! And thank you both for always spreading the Merriest :)'re officially my favorite people because you chose that very flattering picture! Ahhh...the pre-baby photos are so fun! Ha!


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