Monday, February 10, 2014

Couples Week: Darling Dudleys

 Love is in the air and it's COUPLES WEEK at Your Merry Mailbox!

This week we are going to feature cards of some of the cutest couples around. Make sure you check the blog everyday to see the cute cards and get ideas for your next couple photo shoot!

Who: Ryan and Katelin Dudley (and little bitty tiny baby G :))

Location: Sweeny, Texas (The photographer's parents have land there.)

Props: none

Clothes: All clothing was previously owned and most is several years old.  It's proof that you don't always have to purchase something new for pictures!  I did a little Pinterest research and was able ro recreate several looks I liked with things we already owned.

Comments: This session also included pictures with my family for my parents' Christmas card (which is way cute by the way!).  Ryan and I traveled down to my hometown for the weekend and were able to have a few images taken of just for our card, as well as family pictures.

Designer: Kirby Betancourt of Ambient Studios

Photographer: Kirby Betancourt of Ambient Studios

Favorite Thing: I loved the lighting and the scripture, but my favorite thing about our card was the fact that we were able to include our newest family member!  When these pictures were taken I was only about 11 weeks pregnant and the idea that we were actually having a baby was still very new.  It's amazing to think that last year our card was one of our favorite wedding pictures and although not visible, our sweet Graham was included this year!

And now for your reading pleasure - a LOVE story...
Ryan and I met at Texas A&M through an organization that Merry Momma K actually sponsored at the time!  (Not only did I meet my husband, but I also gained a friendship that has blessed me in so many ways!  Needless to say, I always encourage people to become involved in organizations.)  Ryan and I became friends quickly but didn't begin dating until the end of our senior year.  After a year of long distant dating, we became engaged and the rest is history!

I knew shortly after meeting Ryan that he possessed all of the qualities I dreamed of in a husband - qualities which i admire even more now than I did when we first me in 2008.  Ryan and I compliment each other in so many ways.  Where I am uptight and obsessive (it's okay, I own it), he is easy going and relaxed.  He loves me fiercely, leads our family and has a heart for Jesus.  I wrote on my blog a few weeks ago about the much circulated article stating that there was not one specific "soul mate" for each person.  And I agree with the woman that wrote the article, there are probably plenty of men who wold have made great partners; however, I know without a doubt that God had a specific plan when he led me to Ryan; to be his wife.  And am I ever glad I listened.

Merry Mommas Thoughts:A Christmas card that announces that there is a tiny precious miracle on the way...well, you just can't beat that! We totally agree with Katelin - the LIGHTING is all kinds of great! And on a more technical note (you know, because we are so technical around here) we love the script-y font and the combo of fonts used on the card - it really makes the card easy to read and appealing to the eye. The design's illusions of a trim is also really appealing to the eye! And lastly, they are just stinking CUTE!

How can you recreate this card?  Grab your honey and head to the nearest tree! Don't forget to pray for great lighting too!

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