Monday, February 3, 2014

Mommas Most Wanted: Melanie Shankle

February is here and with her arrival brings the time of year dedicated to L-O-V-E. And we all know that the prequel to "first comes love" is a crush. And, like all normal people, the Mommas have some major CRUSHES. Yes, we know we are married, so calm down. We are talking blog crushes - the blogs that hooked us into the crazy interwebs world. The ones that let us in, the ones that make us laugh and cry all at once. The ones that we read religiously for whatever reason. The ones we can count on like old friends to be there when we need them. They seem to always know just what to say and right when to say it. And we love them for it. 

And there is more. (I know, how can there be more than that!?!) These crushes have made the list. What list? Well allow us to introduce... 

So what does this mean? Well, like all good crushes, we are prepared to basically embarrass ourselves - put ourselves out there to show our admiration. And, we need your help, too! These women are on our Most Wanted list - we are dying to show case their Christmas cards and hear all about their Mailbox Memories. Aren't you?!?! We are determined and if you aren't yet convinced allow us to change your mind. We are starting this week off with our BIG crush on Melanie, aka Big Mama

Y'all. Seriously. We give you permission to quit reading this post for the next 5 hours, close your office door/turn on the TV for the kiddos/fake a migraine and go catch up on our friend (!), Mel. 

Start here for her story.
Click here for the best Aggie/Alabama post ever. (This sealed the deal for us that Mel/Gulley = Katy/Cindy).
Book Two (Y' comes out TODAY!!! ORDER IT!!!!!)
And this post from last week - GAH!

Are you done? Good - welcome back. So...back to our crushes. People usually don't get crushes on someone that they have no chance with... which is good for us. See, we think that Melanie is close to sending in her submission. Need proof...

Exhibit A: Book Signing

Our first meet and greet with her, dotMom 2013. An AMAZING event that she MCs every year with her friend, Sophie. We waited in line to get her to sign all 6 copies of our books, and then basically took over. We chatted it up for a solid six minutes and then insisted that Gulley be in the picture with us. 

They loved us so much, in fact...that we all got the ugly laugh out of the convo...

Exhibit B: Soccer Camp

Melanie and I signed our kids up for the SAME camp. Well, the same week of camp. Y'all I ignored my kid for a solid 15 minutes staring at her to make sure it was Melanie. And then sent texts to Cindy and Katelin. And then worked up the courage to remind her that we had become fast friends at dotMom and ask for a pic. 

It was only awkward for a minute. And then maybe every morning that week when I just happened to drop my child off at the exact same time. And I only left him in the car once to make sure that I walked in with her. (I'm lying...he was old enough to get out of the car himself).

Exhibit C: Pinterest Convo

Y'all - we chat on PINTEREST. Clearly we are friends. And see... she confirms that she received our email in the post... 

Exhibit D: EMAIL

Y'all. We adore her. And we think you will too (if you don't already.) We sent her an email last week because she is coming to CS for a book signing (!) and if you want to know why we think she's great.... 

I want you to know that we don't just want to feature your card because you are "Big Mama". We want to feature your card because after years of following you and learning about your family, hearing your stories and being "let in" - we find ourselves grateful for your humor and wit, your insight into motherhood and marriage and your value of your friends. (And maybe we really believe that Katy and Cindy are Mel and Gulley)

We started our blog because we have a LOVE for real mail. We love everything about it - the announcements, notes of congrats or condolences, shared stories, gratitude, and these days - the perfect pair of jeans can be waiting in that box. And we aim to inspire people to quit sitting down in front of a screen sending these messages when you can share all of those things in such a personal way. 

We also started this blog because we love blogs and we have a handful that we have been faithful followers of for years. Why? Because these authors are like you - you let us in, you are honest, you are personable. You challenge us to be great moms and wives and friends. You speak with humor and love and realness. You captivate us with your authenticity and vulnerability. And we want to create that space for our readers. We want to let them in and we would be so honored if you would share a little part of your story with us.

and we KNOW that she would be so fun to feature and would LOVE to hear what she has to say. So... here's what we can do... 

Save the image above to your phone. Share it on instagram and use the hashtag. Make sure to tag Melanie so she knows it's not just us - but everyone that would love for her to share the merry. 

And thanks in advance for helping us with our crush!

(And before you think we are stalkers...I sent her an email letting her know that this was happening.)

You tell us... what would you LOVE to hear Melanie share with YMM????

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