Thursday, February 13, 2014

Couples Week: Life in 3D

Today's couple hails all the way from NYC...and basically all over the world as you can see by their world traveling card! 

Who: Jami and Joe Andosca

Location: See side two of the card - they captured everything from all over the world. We love this!

Props: You know, the random throne, an umbrella, the White House china... no big deal.

Clothes: A variety of goodness... but Jami does recommend getting formal wear from Rent the Runway

Comments: Our life is quick. We both work in industries that never stop - we are always busy and moving. We love to travel and although sometimes that means that we go alone, we love recapping what happened, who we saw, what we did to make the other person feel like they got to experience it all.

Photographer: Jami and Joe, iphone extraordinaires 

Designer: Jami and Shutterfly

Favorite thing: This captures us so perfectly. We seriously never quit moving. But nothing beats a 10 day vacation through Italy with my husby!

Blog: One of my resolutions was to blog more can find us at Life in 3D


What do the Momma's think: So many things. Like, where in the world do they find all that time to travel?? We love that this card tells the story of them and their life. There is no fancy photographer or set - just Jami and Joe and their story and what great stories they have to tell. 

We met through work. Technically, I was Joe's boss (somethings never change. Haha - I kid, I kid) and we worked at two separate branches of our company. So we flirted chatted on the phone a lot. We finally met in person and I we kind of knew. Eventually we lived in the same place and then moved to New York. We have had 5 different addresses over 13 years and one thing remains the same - that I just couldn't do life without him. I love being Joe’s wife for big and little things. Like how he caters to my impatience. Example: He knows that all the cable channels, Tivo, etc. annoy me because they are “too much to handle” so he spent time “hiding” all the channels we don’t like or watch on the Tivo so that I don’t have to worry about viewing them when searching for real channels to watch. I like him. A lot. (In your best Jim Carrey) and I am so glad that he's mine.

Jami!!!!  Joe is a KEEPER for sure!  And we feel the exact same way about the Merry Hubbies!  The big things are wonderful, but man...the little things are really what makes us fall in love over and over and over again.

Like when Merry Momma K is on her way home from her early morning work out and Ryan runs her bath...

Or when Merry Momma C's lamp isn't off and she's all warm and snug in the covers and Josh hops out of bed to turn it off so she doesn't have to...

Little things matter, so on Valentine's Eve, the Merry Mommas present:

1. Hug for 5 seconds (count it out!)
2. Text love notes
3. Smile at your honey
4. Put the iPhone DOWN!
5. Read their favorite magazine/blog/book so you can discuss it
6. Do "his/her" chore
7. Tell your honey "I'm glad you are mine!"
8. Hold hands 
9. Make a cd of songs that were popular when you were dating
10. Compliment your honey in front of him/her
11. Fill the ice trays, or sippy cups or dishwasher or any other "thing" that has to be filled
12. Watch "his/her" show FIRST
13. Listen
14. (insert your own special little thing and tell your honey how much it matters!)

Happy Valentine's Eve from the Merry Mommas!
We love you!

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