Monday, February 17, 2014

Lyla - Year By Year!

As y'all know, this blog is all about sharing the MERRY all the time and in lots of different we are going to discuss sharing the MERRY with yearly photos!  Angie was kind enough to share her daughter Lyla's yearly pics! (And to look at their 2012 Christmas card, click here!)

Photographer: KT Photography
Designer: Crystal Ingle Photography

Photographer: B4 Photography
Designer: Lexi Jayne Designs

Who: Lyla

Location: Sandy Lake Park, Carrollton, Texas

Clothes: Mostly Gymboree and the boots are from Wal-Mart!

Comments: I am trying to make a "keepsake" photo each year on my daughters' (she also has sweet Landry) birthdays. I put a copy in a small album and plan to give it to her on her high school or college graduation. It is something we can look back at and remember little bits of information about them. They grow up so much each year and change their "likes" as they grow!

Photographer: B4 Photography

Favorite Thing: That I have kept it up for 3 years years now!!! And I LOVE seeing what she wants to put on the picture. Hopefully this will be a VERY fun present on that special day!

The Merry Momma's Thoughts: We love the boots from Wal-Mart! ;) Seriously, we do. But we also are IN LOVE with this entire concept! We love having keepsakes for the kids and think that pictures are an awesome way to do that, but having their own thoughts and likes captured on the pictures - to die for. We may need to be at Angie's house when she gives Lyla the keepsake book so we can cry, laugh and love right along with them! (Hint, hint!)

How can you recreate this card? Y'all. You know what is neat and great about this keepsake photo? You can totally go professional on it or you can do it yourself!  If professional photo shoots and hiring a graphic designer are your thing - awesome! If not, take a picture with your iPhone and head over to PicMonkey.

Get PINspired:
  1. Boys, boys, boys...they like keepsake photos too!
  2. This precious little girl sounds fun! (and familiar!)
  3. Keepsake photos can be whatever you want them to be and we think this is going to be so fun!
  4. Lots of families do a "yearly interview"... check this one, this one and this one out!

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